This is your chance to visit the vast and frozen continent of Antarctica and save up to $2500.

You will watch in awe icy oceans filled with icebergs and whales and come-up-close-and-personal with huge colonies of penguins.

Eight of the world’s 17 species of penguins live in the Antarctica including Adelie, Chinstrap, Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Rockhopper, Emperor and Magellanic penguins. About 12 million penguins live on the Antarctica Peninsula.

Neko Harbour Antarctica HGR 134558 1920 Photo Genna Roland

You will also spot seals covered in thick layers of blubber and fur as they take plunges into the freezing waters. There are also leopard seals – ferocious predators with spotted fur coat, powerful jaws and long teeth to hunt fish, squid, penguins and even other smaller seals.

Then there are whales, with 10 species of the giants of the sea migrating to the Antarctica to breed and feed. Watch in wonder as you spot humpbacks, minke, orcas and sperm whales swim close by.

Now you can book Hurtigruten’s Discover Antarctica Sale with fares starting from as little as $7999 per person for a 12 day expedition onboard MS Fridtjof Nansen on selected itineraries departing in late 2021 to 2023. But hurry you have to book by 22 April.

Cuverville Island Antarctica HGR 142036 1920 Photo Andrea Klaussner

Penguins are not the only birds living in Antarctica. This is a birdwatcher’s paradise with albatrosses, shearwaters, giant petrels, blue-eyed shags, cormorants, gulls and terns which thrive in the icy temperatures and harsh winds.

From the moment you cross the Drake Passage, you will be able to immerse yourself in a wildlife odyssey and watch how the animals and birds have adapted and become resilient to the inhospitable weather.

At Half Moon Island, in the South Shetland Islands, the deeply serrated cliffs are home to large colony of chinstrap penguins and seals are regular visitors.

At Yankee Harbour, also in the South Shetland Islands, the big drawcard is the large colony of Gentoo penguins, estimated to be around 4000 breeding pairs.

Cuverville Island, is also home to large numbers of Gentoo penguins.

Several of Hurtigruten’s Antarctica itineraries also take in the Falkland Islands with its rich wildlife in South Georgia which is also know as the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean. It is home to millions of breeding penguins, seals and seabirds. Here you will see adult seals lounging on the sand, pup seals racing in and out of the water while hundreds of penguins congregate together and albatrosses soar overhead.

Lemaire Channel Antarctica HGR 144531 1920 Photo Chelsea Claus

With Hurtigruten’s years of experience in environmentally-conscious expedition cruises, you have a choice of three ships including the world’s first hybrid ships, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen and the newly refurbished MS Fram.

Sailing to the pristine Antarctica comes with a huge responsibility which Hurtigruten takes very seriously. Only 100 guests are allowed to step on shore in Antarctica at any one time.

The line is a founding member of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operations, an organisation working for responsible and environmentally-friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic. It is also a member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operations which promotes safe and environmentally-responsible travel to the Antarctic.

“Given its isolation, the Antarctic environment is probably the most pristine natural environment on the planet. For visitors, this comes with a set of obligations – the most important is to leave no traces behind,” says Hurtigruten.

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