India has a long and colourful history dating back thousands of years.

From medieval times and the Mughal Empire to British Rule and Independence, there are countless stories to tell. In more recent times, the lasting influence of iconic figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa have helped to shape modern India.

Today, the country continues to add chapters to the history books. Modern civilization crowds ancient buildings, cars jostle with motorbikes and rickshaws to move masses of people. Remarkable architectural monuments show the wealth of former rulers, while ‘Bollywood’ pushes back against conventional traditions.

Away from the big cities, life continues as it has for many centuries. Local markets are the centre of villages, and craftsmen and women continue traditions passed on by their ancestors. The sun sets along the Ganges as farmers tend to their fields, and religious rituals call pilgrims from all corners of the world. Each day, remarkable scenes of life unfold before your eyes.

India is a land of extremes, one that will leave a lasting impression from the moment you arrive.

The Ganges and beyond

The holy river of Hinduism, the Ganges, slowly courses through one of the world’s most fertile and populated areas. Along its banks, human life is connected to its waters and life away from India’s big cities moves at a more relaxed pace.

Cruise north from Kolkata and explore small villages and meet with the locals. Interact with goldsmiths, visit pottery makers and take an electric rickshaw to see saree weaving up close. A highlight is a visit to the fascinating Hare Krishna headquarters in Mayapur, where worshippers from around the world come to study and pray. In Kolkata, visit Mother Teresa’s former home and the Victoria Memorial Museum.

On land, discover the capital city of Delhi with visits to Humayun’s Tomb, Gurudwara Bangla Sahibm, and more. Tour the massive Amber Fort towering over Jaipur and witness a private cultural performance. No visit to India would be complete without a stop at the country’s most iconic site, the Taj Mahal, for stunning views at sunrise and sunset.

All of this and more await you on this gripping voyage through the heart of India. Click here for more information.