Today we anchored in Mykonos, which is our favourite destination so far with it’s picturesque blue and white buildings, winding paths and tropical beaches.

It was very windy up on deck for breakfast and even chilly in the shade, so, because of the wind factor, tonight’s planned Greek-themed dinner outside in the Topside Restaurant was postponed and we ate it in the Dining Salon instead.

Dinner is an extravagant affair. The wife of the owner of SeaDream Yacht Club personally designed the crystal ware on the tables, and each setting has beautifully stylish crystal ware, silver cutlery and lace doilies, while pretty lights on the ceiling set a magical mood.

I should mention that SeaDream Yacht Club fares are all inclusive – so with five courses to choose, plus dessert and waiters continually filling our glasses with wine, we’re leaving dinner feeling pretty full! I keep thinking I’ll order less next time but the choices are too tempting!

Now we are heading up to the Top of the Yacht bar for cocktails and a disco – making good use of the open bar!

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