On a Viking Expedition, they give you more ways to explore, more often with their immersive shore excursions.

Landings and excursions offer incredible views of remote landscapes and remarkable wildlife. These excursions are led by an experienced team of experts highly skilled in operating in rugged and polar environments.

Included excursion in every port

Enjoy a complimentary shore excursion or landing in every port with an expert local guide. On the other hand, Viking also offers highly trained expedition guides, so guests can discover more without spending more.

A Viking Expedition shore excursion offers a variety of ways for you to experience your destination. This is in accordance to your interests and activity level. With a robust program of included experiences, expedition equipment are made available for guests. This includes a fleet of military pro zodiacs designed for professional use, and a fleet of two-seater polar-tested kayaks. Additionally, there’s also a two 12-seater convertible Special Operations Boats for guests to explore further.

Optional excursions for every interest

Their optional excursions, offered at an additional cost, are designed to further enhance your experience in your destination. Dive deep in their submarines with revolving seats and 270-degree spherical windows to explore the splendour of Antarctic waters, enjoy wine tastings at local vineyards or visit iconic art institutions.

Science at Sea

Exclusive partnerships with the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—as well as other prestigious scientific institutions match leading researchers and educators with each expedition. Thirty-six experts accompany each journey as part of the Viking Expedition Team. This includes an Expedition Leader and support staff, photographer, field research scientists, general naturalists, mountain guides, kayak guides, submarine pilots and specialists (ornithology, geology, higher predator biology and history).

Not only do Viking Expedition support research efforts and new scientific discoveries, they also encourage you to learn from and participate with scientists undertaking primary research through its Citizen Science program, a unique Viking experience. On shore, guests can assist in fieldwork or interact through experiential activities during landings—such as monitoring birds to help identify migratory patterns; accompanying scientists to collect samples; or taking their cameras ashore alongside a professional photographer to learn how best to capture scenic landscapes.

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