Health and lifestyle cruise fans will be beside themselves now Gwyneth Paltrow has announced her 11-night goop themed wellness cruise. Already, the price has sparked a heated online debate about whether the cost of cruise plus an audience with Gwyneth is worth up to $7,400.

What upsets the fans is that only suite class guests have access to Gwyneth’s goop classes. Those in ordinary cabins can’t – even if they are prepared to pay the US$750 fee.

One Cruise Critic reader wrote: “For that amount of money I’d expect more than just a few talks. goop just reeks of pretension – I’m already prone to seasickness so this definitely won’t help.”

Gwyneth is not the only star taking to the high seas. Oprah Winfrey’s The O, The Oprah Magazine Girls’ Getaway Cruise is available on Holland America for $1445.  But it’s available to anyone.

Oh, the indecision! Just how much wellness, body, mind, soul, and lifestyle miracle transformations can one person soak up while at sea with these heavenly gurus?

For those who are actually considering either of these ‘life-changing cruise experiences’, here’s the low down:

What you get with Gwynnie:

Guests set sail from Barcelona on 26 August for an 11 night sailing around the Mediterranean. It’s just you, Gwynnie and 2,910 other celebrity obsessed fans. Oh yes, and you’re sailing on the Celebrity Apex, the line’s second Edge class ship and newest member of the fleet.

So, while Gwynnie will spend most her time hiding out in her penthouse suite, her staff, including goop chief content officer Elise Loehnen will be tantalising you with a series of sessions aimed at blowing your mind – and possibly your budget.

So what exactly is goop? Technically, the retreats at sea are being called “In goop Health” – and promises to give retreat goers the chance to remove toxins, push past barriers in relationships, purify the soul, de stress and find joy.

goop’s healers will be on hand to lead mind sessions, body and soul sessions as well as interact with conversations led by Gwynnie and her content officer Loehnen.

So, after Gwynnie takes a moment to welcome everyone and talk about herself, her journey of self discovery, what she’s curious about, what she had for breakfast and where she’s headed next (straight back to her secluded penthouse suite), her trusted healers and wellness practitioners will guide you through the series of sessions over the following 11 days.

Celebrity Cruises is excited about the partnership, offering ‘surprises and perks along the way’. And the goop team are offering an “energetic experience, guided by a beloved spirituality teacher.” (aka, not Gwynnie)

But wait there’s more! goop’s food editor will help curate special menu items, and there will be fun, goopy surprises and amenities selected for guests’ stay on the ship.

goop at sea tickets opened for sale on January 9th  and are available for $1085 for guests who book suite class accommodations on Celebrity’s Apex.

Or jump on board with Oprah:

While Oprah’s first  O The Oprah Magazine Girls’ Getaway has already had her maiden voyage in 2019, there’s talk of another one coming soon. And if it’s anything like the first one, then this is what you can expect:

A crowd of 2,400 women (and 57 men) stampeded the Holland America’s Nieuw Statendam ship in January 2019 among squeals of delight, singing, tears, laughter, cheers and tequila… lots of tequila (as it turns out this is Oprah’s drink of choice).

It was a three day sailing, with a handful of appearances from Oprah herself, her best friend Gayle King and her entourage from the magazine – departing from Fort Lauderdale, with a break-neck lap around the Bahamas and back again.

Oprah made the effort to grace her audiences with four 90 minute long “conversations” on stage where she answered pre-prepared questions from the crowd about her career and private life and why she doesn’t do things she doesn’t want to do anymore (with her personal fortune, why would she?!).

Oprah did in fact manage to mingle nicely with the crowd, with some surprise appearances at a late night pyjama party (where she served more tequila), she popped by for a sweaty gym session and even celebrated her 65th birthday onboard with a standing “O”-vation from the crowds.

There were action packed sessions by Oprah’s teams on everything from fashion to beauty, hair, makeup and meditation and yoga sessions as well as high energy workouts by Oprah’s SuperSoul fitness evangelist.

It was a tight-knit operation with merchandise flying out the ship windows. The cruise itself sold out in 24 hours and had a 1000 strong waiting list.

Needless to say, the frenzy at the gift shop was heaving with women (and the odd baffled man) swooping for armfuls of T-shirts, magazines, beauty products and trinkets galore.

For Holland America, they’d be O-so-crazy not to do another Oprah cruise again soon.

Prices started from $1445 per person based on twin occupancy.