Adventure and expedition cruise line One Ocean has entered into administration after months of cancelled cruises.

Canadian owned One Ocean is known for its Arctic and Antarctica cruises, and charters Russian icebreakers to navigate the polar regions.

A statement issued over the weekend by one of its partners overseas, Swoop Travel, said One Ocean Expeditions announced it “will be entering into a formal business administration process”.

“This latest news has brought clarity for booked customers in terms of now knowing the options. Swoop are working with our customers to help find the best outcome for each one,” the statement read.

Cruise Passenger had interviewed a number of people over the last few months, who had cruises cancelled on them, weeks before their departure.

One Australian couple claims they have been owed $20,000 since May, and others who have paid deposits say they have no news of whether their cruises are going ahead or not.

Bob Wickham was booked for the October 19th cruise.  He was among 140 stranded in Argentina.

“We’re still in Argentina because it was going to cost too much to change our flights home. As an Australian I doubt I would be entitled to Canadian consumer protection, and I didn’t pay by credit card,” he said on Facebook.

On 6 January, One Ocean Expeditions issued a statement to customers informing them that it was unable to operate its voyage on 17 January.

“One Ocean Expeditions has been working diligently to restructure the business in an effort to avoid entirely shutting down, so that we can continue to serve you, our valued partners and customers, and provide further options,” the statement read.

The company also advised it had signed a partnership agreement with a “qualified, reputable operator”.

“Under this agreement, we will be able to provide a range of alternatives for clients who have been affected by our difficulties.”