Viking has created the world’s leading enrichment and entertainment environment in an expedition setting.

The Aula

Setting a new standard, Viking has created the world’s most advanced venue for learning at sea The Aula. It is a stunning panoramic auditorium inspired by the University of Oslo’s famed Aula ceremonial hall, which used to be the venue for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Additionally, this unique space on Viking’s expedition ships features a 4K laser-projected panoramic screen. It spans nearly the entire width of the room and is used for lectures, and daily briefings.

Expedition Central

Expedition Central is a hub for the expedition team to consult with guests sharing destination knowledge on a one-on-one basis. In addition, Expedition Central has 3D printed maps, digital screens, and a state-of-the-art spatial data visualization chart table.

Citizen Science

When Viking Expedition created The Thinking Person’s Expedition they intended that every expedition would provide opportunities for discovery. Moreover, during each voyage, guests participate in real, significant science that contributes to research and ultimately to the publication of scientific papers.

Furthermore, their scientific approach centres on having the platform to explore with the personnel to interpret what is found. By taking part in Viking’s Citizen Science program you can gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. Additionally, guests also gain understanding on the importance of protecting fragile environments like Antarctica.

Meanwhile, as a citizen scientist, you could participate in a number of activities. This includes Happy Whale program which identifies and tracks individual whale movements, and the FjordPhyto plankton research program which investigates how melting glaciers are affecting phytoplankton diversity.

The Science Laboratory

Viking Expedition ships have been designed as working research vessels and are equipped with a well-appointed Science Laboratory. Developed in consultation with Cambridge University and other academic partners, the laboratory supports a range of research activities and is equipped with wet and dry capabilities, a sample-processing area, fume cupboard, freezer/cool storage, comprehensive microscope optics and space for analysis-specific instruments.

Guests receive supervised laboratory access to learn from and participate with scientists undertaking primary research, an experience unique to Viking. Field samples collected during excursions, submarine dives and landings will be analysed, interpreted and discussed with guests, providing stimulating engagement and unique insight into how data is collected in remote locations to inform global conservation decisions.

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