We’re back at sea after two days in New Caledonia and back into sea-faring routine, which, to my surprise, is just as enjoyable to the kids as a day on the most beautiful beach in the world.

Did I mention already just how many activities there are each day? And each evening there is a different reason to celebrate: 70s night, Tropical Night, Formal Night and 50s night – so far. The central atrium (Centrum) is the place where the evenings’ celebrations start with performances by the multi-talented crew and cascading balloons or confetti.

Even our waiters entertain us after dinner with renditions of Italian classics and the Macarena.

Our first day back at sea starts with Napkin folding class, followed by a kind-of Iron Chef cake decorating competition and, the moment the kids have been waiting for: towel folding demonstrations.

Each evening when our beds are turned down, a different towel animal appears – so far we’ve had a monkey, a puppy, a monkey and an elephant and the kids are dying to know how to make them. This actually seems to be one of the most popular activities Centrum has ever seen – it’s difficult to find a vantage point to squeeze into.

The routine continues with lunch, international men’s belly flop contest and a movie. There are now three towel monkeys hanging in the wardrobe and a towel elephant on my bed.