I’ve so far been doing one blog a day, but this morning was so special I thought I’d quickly tell you about it.

Not long after the sun came up this morning, SeaDream I was about to sail through the incredible man-made Corinth Canal.

For those of you who don’t know, the Corinth Canal is a channel of water that was excavated by hand to cut straight through the mainland of Greece linking the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Gulf. It’s 26 feet deep and 81 feet wide, so SeaDream can, luckily for us, just squeeze through with only metres of space on either side, while the bigger cruise ships don’t get the privilege at all!

Most of the ship’s passengers were up on the forward-facing top deck at dawn for the occasion. Croissants and tea were available, while the ever-present waiters walked around with mugs of steaming hot chocolate, fresh watermelon juice and orange juice. One couple had even spent the night in one of the day beds and were wrapped up in blankets and Seadream’s plush dressing gowns.

And then for the transit! Sailing closer to the entrance it looked like we weren’t going to fit at all! But we did, and the sight of the 260-feet walls rising on both sides of the ship was breathtaking. You can see the aeons-old lines in the rock face and the carved foot holes where the builders and maintenance men presumably scale the walls at times.

How anyone even conceived of such a task is beyond me, but the fact it was finally completed after centuries of excavations is an incredible feat. Stay tuned for photos!

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