Since the pandemic hit Australia in March last year, the cruise industry has been left in disarray. Even now, nearly a year-and-a-half later, the industry remains at a standstill with the government currently offering no way forward, leaving cruise lines, travel agents and cruisers themselves, completely stranded.

However, high-end cruisers are now discovering a new way to take to the seas, with YOTSPACE superyacht voyages.

Most cruisers might not have previously considered or even had the opportunity to charter a superyacht to visit the Kimberley or Whitsundays, but that’s all about to change.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages offer five-star service on luxury superyachts, for 8-10 passengers per voyage, with gourmet dining, paired beverages and guided tours all wrapped into the price.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages founder Christina James, talks through why cruisers will “fall in love with the YOTSPACE experience.”

“With all the cruise ships cancelling, we thought there’s all these millions of passengers on cruise ships that can’t go anywhere. YOTSPACE is an alternative that’s at a more luxury, high-end level, and if not the same price, an even lesser-price than what you pay on those big small ship voyage cruises.”

“You’re also getting a much more immersive, intimate experience, where you converse with the captain, converse with the crew, and get off the ship onto really immersive, guided tours.”

“To go on a superyacht is an aspirational thing for a lot of people that they thought they’d never be able to attain. But YOTSPACE has now made it attainable.”

Ms James describes YOTSPACE superyacht voyages as a “totally different way of travelling,” where those who prefer the finer things in life can share experiences with likeminded people, all while receiving a uniquely in-depth exploration of a region.

“The constant feedback from customers is that they don’t want to go on their own, they want to mix with other like minded people from different destinations and that’s all part of the experience of a YOTSPACE voyage.”

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages captains and crew are specially selected based on their regions of expertise, so they can offer passengers unique insight into the areas they visit.

“Our captains are very passionate about where they go and what they do and their speciality is that region and destination.”

“The captain and crew know every anchorage, every reef, they know everything about the destination that they’re going to.”

Voyages are also specifically designed to appeal to and bring together certain types of travellers.

You can choose between straight up luxury voyages for those who want to simply soak in lavishness, reef and island voyages for those who are more adventurous and want to explore the underwater world and iconic voyages, such as in the Kimberley or Sydney Harbour, where the culturally curious can learn more in depth about the history and heritage of a region.

Whatever itinerary you choose, you’ll have something especially curated for your travel style and be surrounded by others with a similar outlook on life.

YOTSPACE superyacht voyages have a stunning list of upcoming itineraries spanning tropical North Queensland, the Kimberley, Hawkesbury River and more.

You can see the full list here. 

You can also expect new itineraries to choose from as more travel bubbles pop up, meaning in a few months time these luxury vessels could potentially be taking you to places like Vanuatu.

If you’re not looking to wait too long to get your taste of superyacht living, you could snap up the final cabin on this Whitsunday Island six-night voyage, departing August 7 aboard the Phoenix One superyacht. 

This itinerary also runs again from October 1 to 7.

The prices will pleasantly surprise you, with the voyage starting from $8297pp for a twin stateroom. Or if you have someone you’re looking to impress, you can splash a breezy $11,314pp for the lavish Master King Stateroom.

Another highlight itinerary is a spectacular 10-night Kimberley voyage, from Broome to Berkeley River, also aboard Phoenix One.

The itinerary is simply otherworldly as you explore one of the world’s greatest wilderness frontiers, making your way through majestic canyons, lively reef formations, freshwater swimming holes and everything else the Kimberley has to offer.

This voyage departs on July 18, 2022 and prices start from $18, 845, with your plane transfer included.

As you visit these fabulous places, the team onboard will be gathering fresh produce from the regions and your on-board chef will be transforming it into a treat for your taste buds.

How you spend your days will be totally flexible, whether you want to take guided tours, self-explore or simply soak in the upper deck jacuzzi on Phoenix One.

Ms James even thinks that once cruisers give YOTSPACE superyacht voyages a go, they may never look back.

“I think that the uniqueness and the intimacy of our curated voyages will possibly convert a number of those high-end voyage passengers into becoming YOTSPACE voyagers permanently.”

Rather than let the stagnant world of cruise in Australia hold you back from experiencing life, take life back into your own hands and book with your luxury travel agent or contact YOTSPACE superyacht voyages today.