It’s classic of Virgin Voyages boss Richard Branson – spark a debate and get huge amounts of free publicity for your brand.

Virgin Voyages is adults only.  so their latest advertising campaign features a bunch of kids from central casting complaining about it.
The advertising is brilliantly executed as a mock musical. But does it have a serious point?
Do you leave the kids behind on a cruise? What do your kids say?
Cruise Passenger readers are already entering into the spirit of the debate on our Facebook page.
“Kids are everywhere these days – fancy restaurants and bars. Finally a cruise ship that understands we don’t all love the sound of screaming kids and I really don’t want them in the spa – yuk,” says Julie Messenger.
Craig Curry agrees: “Plenty of cruise ships that are family friendly that we have and do enjoy, this is an alternate offer that will be successful based on the branding and its concept.”
Caro Curry says: “Good , it’s good to have the choice. Options. Parents often just use the crew/ staff as babysitters .. it’s not their job.”
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