Last week, Cruise Passenger exclusively revealed an American passenger was kicked off the Norwegian Star after complaining about delays and port cancellations.

The line said most passengers received ‘generous’ compensation  – but the lone passenger, who refused the deal, was put off the ship and flown home for what the line considered inciting further unrest.

According to Norwegian Cruise Lines, once he departed passengers were happy to accept an deal that amounted to $1,000 cash, plus another cruise to the value of their journey on the Norwegian Star.

Cruise Passenger has found at least nine other cases where passengers were forcibly disembarked.

Missing the muster drill

While this might not seem like a strong reason to loose your dream holiday, seasoned cruise experts will tell you that these drills are mandatory. You can’t skimp on safety. In 2012, an elderly couple was kicked off the Seabourn Sojurn in Portugal. The passengers in cabin 627 had not responded to numerous requests, phone calls and announcements to proceed to The Restaurant for the muster drill. Subsequently, the couple was thrown off.

Getting into a punch up

Might be an obvious one, but it’s sure way to get you removed. A Frosch travel advisor was told by Uniworld River Cruises that his client was expelled at the next port along his Danube River Cruise. Ben Gritzewesky said, “After an alcohol-infused dinner conversation about politics, my client wound up in a fist fight with another passenger. His client told him that the other passenger deserved to be punched. Cruise lines have a zero-tolerance party to all parties. So the lesson – don’t punch anyone.


In 2010, an 82-year-old cruiser and her 91-year-old husband were threatened to be thrown off the Queen Mary 2 after swearing at a fellow passenger who made a Jewish slur. The Jewish couple, who admitted to using expletives but did not get violent, were confined to their cabin for six days until the ship stopped in New York.

Sneaking too much booze on board

Cruise lines have a strict policy about booze and while there are no confirmed passengers getting kicked off ships, it’s best to stay clear of anything that is a no-no. Lines like Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines have tightened their policies – Carnival has banned all shore-bought bottled beverages including and water and soda in America and the Caribbean.

Bringing on drugs

Sneaking out illicit substances will not only get you kicked off the cruise ship, but usually a one-way ticket into jail. Most recently in Sydney, three Canadian were discovered about the Sea Princess attempting to smuggle 95kg of cocaine into Sydney. If you’re cruising in Jamaica or Belize, you’ll get approached by shady characters so be warned.

Throwing things overboard

Throwing things overboard is a big no – hold onto your rubbish and no flicking your ciggie butt. Last year, a man was thrown off a P&O ship after he was caught disposing his cigarette over the edge. It’s a major hazard in a few years ago, a Princess Cruise ship caught alight after a passenger disposed of their cigarette overboard. But the favourite story we’ve found is in 2010, a drunk Holland America passenger dropped the ship’s anchor causing major damage to the ship. He was interrogated by the FBI and faced federal charges.

Impersonating the staff

A German man posed as a ship doctor on several different cruises and treated hundreds of patients over the course of five years before he was discovered in December 2015.

Getting sick

While a common cold won’t get you the boot, if you have a serious injury, heart attack or stroke, you’ll be taken off the ship and to the nearest hospital. If you have an infectious virus like norovirus or gastro, expect to be cabin-confined.