Cruise & Maritime’s new Vasco da Gama has emerged from drydock after her transformation.

Formerly P&O Australia’s Pacific Eden, she set sail from Singapore on Tuesday. She is the sixth ship to join Cruise & Maritime’s ever growing fleet and the line is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

She is named after the famous Portuguese explorer, and fittingly, she will be visiting destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, Mumbai, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco on her way to her christening ceremony in Bremerhaven in Germany.

According to Managing Director of Australia, Dean Brazier, the voyage is fully booked and this includes all 40 solo cabins and half of the passengers are from Australia and New Zealand. He said the rest of the passengers hail mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany and America.

The 1,200 passenger ship will spend the summer cruising from Germany and then set sail on October 9 for a 53-night voyage to Sydney. On her way, she’ll be calling at Barbados in the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Acapulco in Mexico as well as several destinations in the South Pacific.

She’ll have more on offer than her sister ships. Starting with the food, there will be a wider choice of dining options for guests onboard. There will be more flexible dining with a selection of three main restaurants which will be open between 5:50pm and 8:30pm.

On offer is an eatery serving British cuisine with a twist and The Club Bistro will also be available for all main meals. The other restaurants on Vasco da Gama will be serving Asian and Mediterranean cuisine or passengers can choose to dine at The Grill of the Chef’s Table for an additional fee.