The amount of ports visited on a world cruise often allows more off-the-beaten-path exploring. Silversea are taking this to different heights by renting out an entire island in the Philippines for their world cruise guests.

The approximately 300 guests on Silver Shadow were treated to private island luxury on Kalanggaman Island near Cebu. More than 500 locals from the region banded together to put on a show of culture and cuisine, with performers, hospitality professionals, chefs, massage therapists, and more coming together to treat cruise guests. 

After being welcomed onto the island by traditional song and dance performances and locally-crafted cocktails, guests were free to stroll the stunning shores, swim in the clear waters, indulge with complimentary massages or whatever else they pleased. Following a special multi-course dinner, there are another round of performances to cap off the day. 

While Silversea guests are already out and enjoying their 2023 world cruise, there are also scheduled 2024 and 2025 world cruises, each with around 130 days and 60 destinations of magic. 

Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s Senior Vice President of Expeditions, Destination, and Itinerary Management said: “This once-in-a-lifetime experience took two years of planning and preparation, and we are grateful to the local community for their invaluable support.

“Utilising our destination expertise, Silversea invests heavily in bespoke events for our guests’ enjoyment, connecting travellers with our planet’s most captivating cultures, communities, and landscapes. This is especially true of our World Cruise offering. Unlocking some of the most enriching experiences in the world for guests, these extended voyages include experiences that best showcase the most authentic aspects of each destination.

“ Not only did our guests gain a deep insight into the local culture here on Kalanggaman Island, but we were able to benefit the local economy, helping to rebuild the island’s pontoon jetty and make other structural renovations that will improve the destination’s tourism infrastructure.”

Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s President and CEO said experiences such as this one highlight the extra value of taking a world cruise.

“The added value of special World Cruise events like these is truly what sets Silversea apart.

“And we have more in store for our guests on this amazing 139-day voyage, from a bespoke Freddie Mercury tribute show staged at a historic palace in Zanzibar to an exclusive evening performance at the Manaus Opera House in the Amazon, complete with champagne and canapés, among other experiences. There is simply no better way to explore the world.”

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