Scenic Eclipse II and its state-of-the-art submersible Scenic Neptune II, will be offering underwater explorations in the Great Barrier Reef. This will make Scenic the first cruise company to offer a submersible experience in the Great Barrier Reef.

The submarine fits eight guests, two more than the original Neptune, and a pilot. The submersible can dive up to 200 metres below the surface, with its crystal-clear acrylic sphere allowing unrestricted views of the surrounding ocean.

Scenic Neptune II is equipped with technology that does not harm the marine environment it will operate in. This includes using GPS Dynamic positioning that removes the need to anchor on seabeds.

Moreover, the ship is also equipped with an Advance Azipod propulsion system to minimise noise and vibration to reduce disturbance to the environment around it, as well as limit fuel consumption.

Scenic Eclipse II will be coming to Australia in mid 2024, with several departure options for those who want a shot at visiting the depths of the famous reef.

For example, this 11-day Cairns to Darwin ‘Australia’s Top End’ sailing starts from $17,075. The itinerary delves into Cape York and Arnhem Land, with stops at Lizard Island, Sandy Cay, Cobourg Peninsula and more. This sailing leaves on April 30, 2024.

Scenic Eclipse II is a six-star luxury discovery yacht, taking in 228 guests and featuring a 15-person expedition team.

The submersible experience joins the two helicopters that the vessel will have running for excursions in the Kimberley.

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The original Neptune submarine.