Scenic Eclipse II is set to be the only ship to sail in the Kimberley with two helicopters onboard when the ultra-luxury yacht begins sailing in the region from May 2024.

The Airbus H130-T2 helicopters fit six passengers each. Importantly, this offers more access to birds-eye views of the Kimberley as part of the six-star luxury offer. Scenic will now have the most expansive helicopter program in the Kimberley.

The helicopters have spacious interiors, air-conditioning and large windows for views. Furthermore, they aim not to disturb the quiet of the Kimberley. The aircrafts have ‘the quietest helicopters in the sky’, as well as having BOSE noise-cancelling headphones for each guests.

With the helicopters being onboard, this eliminates the need for transfers, commuting and operators. Accordingly, this means a longer time in the sky and more possible flights for guests. Every voyage will have up to 10 helicopter excursions.

Kimberley experts brief the pilots on the region. Allowing them to explain the cultural importance of the destinations and landmarks below.

Expedition guides run excursions like barramundi fishing expeditions, soaring out to private picnics, visiting the remote Buccaneer Archipelago and more.

Helicopter flights come at an additional cost to your cruise fare.

Scenic Eclipse Kimberley sailings are highly anticipated according to Jason Flesh Director of Discovery Operations: “The Kimberley is truly an awe-inspiring experience.

“It’s the hidden tropical jewel of the world. The only way to truly encompass all it is willing to reveal is by helicopters, direct from the ship, which only Scenic Eclipse II can offer.”

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