Carnival Corporation has opted for a phased rollout of its ground-breaking Ocean Medallion program, which will feature across the Princess Cruises fleet next year.

Anxious to ensure any problems are fixed before all passengers get their hands on the Medallion,  Princess Cruises has opted in for a phased approach.

The Medallion is powered by first-of-its kind interactive technology allows passengers to do everything from making reservations, booking restaurants, shore excursions to getting food delivered to any part of the ship.

In statement from Princess Cruises, a spokesperson said, “This approach will allow us to receive continuous feedback from a controlled number of guests and crew while the ship is in service.

Currently, Princess is rolling out the Ocean Medallion on the Regal Princess next month and the Royal Princess in January 2018. Both ships sail in the US, Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Princess Cruises announced a few weeks back that Australians and New Zealanders will be able to try out the Ocean Medallion when it is rolled out on the Golden Princess in 2019.

But it is unclear whether only a select few Aussie and Kiwi passengers, or the entire ship will be able to take advantage of the new piece of technology.

“The launch plan is a phased activation,” a spokesperson told Cruise Passenger.

The wearable device can be worn as a pendant, wristband, clip or simply placed in a pocket.

The Ocean Medallion will unlock a guest’s stateroom door, replacing the key card. Guests can also select food and beverages and have them delivered to where they plan to be at a designated time. They can also learn the whereabouts of their family and will be guided seamlessly in finding their way around the ship. Friends and family will be able to “talk” to each other through a seamless messaging service.

“With the addition of Golden Princess to the fleet of Medallion Class ships, we will make available a more personalised holiday to guests sailing in and around Australia,” said Jan Schwartz, the president of Princess Cruises and Carnival Australia.

“And, as we continue to enhance our ships with the Ocean Medallion, we do so to further our commitment in providing our guests the most memorable and relaxing holiday.”