Nude cruising is making waves after an anonymous nude cruiser took to Reddit to answer questions about baring it all on a cruise ship.

The 67-year-old nude cruiser had just come off a seven-day cruiser with cruise company Bare Necessities. The cruise was a roundtrip out of Tampa to ports like Costa Maya, Roatan, and Cozumel.

The cruiser gave us a look into what it’s like to be on a ship of 2000 nudists.

When queried about worries relating to being photographed, the cruiser said the etiquette is well understood on the ship.

“This was a crowd with lots of nudist experience. Everyone knows you can’t take pictures of other people. I was much less worried here than I have been at nude beaches. Almost no one had phones with them outside their cabin. There were many signs posted.

“There were a lot of staff from the charter company whose job it was to enforce good naturist etiquette. I’ve spent time online researching nudism and I’ve never seen a single online photograph from the cruise except for the group shots that people voluntarily pose for. For those reasons, I wasn’t concerned.”

Hygiene was also a common concern among comments. The cruiser explained some of the rules.

“One must only sit with a towel under one’s bare butt. There are clean towels all over the ship. No smells. People are clean.

“Yes, it is strange to go to the bathroom when one is naked. I for one was much more fastidious after using the bathroom because of the unusual exposure.”

As far as the demographic, the cruise skewed towards an older audience.

“Unquestionably, there were relatively few younger couples. We’re 67/61. The younger couples seemed to be having fun though.

“It’s a very friendly vibe, so I doubt the younger couples experienced any distress. If doing lots of fun things without having to wear clothes sounds good to you, I would say go for it. This was a pro-nudity crowd, so everyone was upbeat.”

As much as just how much nudity is happening on the ship, the cruiser explained that the entertainment and crew are clothed, as well as passengers must be clothed in port.

“One couldn’t be nude in port and one never had to be nude. I didn’t see any underwear, but some women wore sheer tops and coverups.

“Everyone was naked around the pools. Some people were more comfortable being clothed at the bars and theatres.

“The staff was clothed The musical acts and other performers were clothed, except one male/female duo.”

If you’re finding yourself enticed by these descriptions, you might find yourself forking out a bit more cash than expected.

“It’s significantly more than a normal cruise. I’ve never done a textile cruise, so I don’t know the difference. I think this one was $2,500/person ($3775AUD) for a seven-day cruise first a standard room with a balcony.”

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