MSC Cruises announced today that it would be teaming up with Samsung to equip all of Meraviglia and Seaside –class ships.

Guests will get new flat screen HDTVs in their cabins, public screens and displays and Samsung will also be providing specialised equipment for the ships’ medical centres.

The technology overhaul will be introduced onto the MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside ships in June and December 2017, respectively.

The new next-generation vessels will feature these digital devices:

Visual displays: In-cabin flat screen HDTV’s, public screens and displays, ad hoc digital signage solutions like augmented reality mirrors.

Mobile solutions: Smartphones, tablets and accessories for virtual reality and 360° digital experience.

Medical equipment: Expert technology for on-board medical centers.

Printing solutions: In support of MSC Cruises’ business needs.

“Samsung is the master of technology, and at MSC Cruises we have consistently shown our commitment to both cutting edge innovation and working with best-in-class partners that can support and further enhance the on-board experiences we offer our guests,” said MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Onorato.

“As well as being revolutionary in concept, design and marine architecture, the Meraviglia and Seaside generation ships mark a leap forward in terms of cruise ship technology. Equipped throughout with Samsung’s latest-technology products and solutions, our guests will have access to the best of the next generation in smart ships at sea.”