The Cruise Lines International Association has released some of its predictions for cruise this year.

The experts from CLIA have compiled together an annual overview of the behaviours and travel preferences of cruisers this year.

CLIA president and CEO Cindy D’Aoust said: “Industry research efforts, like the 2018 Cruise Travel Report, offer valuable insight to how and why cruise vacations are on the rise and becoming the vacation choice for millions by charting changes in the preferences and behaviors of both cruisers and non-cruisers.

“The study confirms, cruise travel continues to break down income and generational barriers proving that today there is a cruise for every travel preference, style and budget.”

Here are some of the behaviours of cruisers.

Cruisers are cruising with their mates

CLIA has dubbed 2017 the Year of FriendSHIP – lots of cruisers travelled in groups. Around 40 per cent of cruisers are more likely to travel with their friends, partners/companions or children. And last year, more cruisers spent time with the families than in 2016. Cruising definitely brings people together.

Destination snacking

A trend which is prominent amongst the younger demographics, destination snacking has become a new thing. Travellers see cruises as a way to experience a number of different destinations in one holiday, and then re-visit later on. Generation X are more likely to go back to destinations they’ve visited on their cruise.

Cruising across incomes

Income plays a role when labelling cruises as part of two holiday options -66 per cent of cruisers who make less than $100K  are more inclined to take a cruise than land based holidays.

Millennials are cruising

Around 70 per cent of millennials surveyed said they are keen to take a cruise this year so the age demographics are shifting. Most have also indicated they are keen to either cruise on a premium or luxury ship.

The kids are alright

Around 41 per cent of cruisers say that they are interested in more kids services including babysitting as well as programs for children and for teens. But only 13 per cent of these are reporting that they use the services. Meanwhile, only 32 per cent say they want onboard entertainment while 70 per cent attend shows, musicals and comedies at least once onboard.