A dramatic rescue occurred on Wednesday when a man was winched from Pacific Encounter off the coast of Central Queensland after suffering a medical episode on board.

The heroic efforts of RACQ Capricorn Rescue team were captured on video as they winched the 70-year-old passenger, who had reportedly suffered a stroke, from the ship that had been sailing 264km east of Rockhampton as it made its way from Brisbane to Papua New Guinea.

A spokeswoman said RACQ CapRescue said a paramedic joined the rew for the mission and the chopper had to travel via Heron Island to refuel before heading to the cruise liner.

“On arrival, a winch recovery was performed and the man was stabilised and taken to Rockhampton Base Hospital for further treatment,” the spokeswoman said.

She added that it was their sixth recovery since August, marking an increase in recent rescue missions.

It comes after RACQ Capricorn Rescue were called to the Coral Princess northeast of Rockhampton on Thursday 29 September, after a man suffered a suspected heart attack.

Back in August, a woman in her 80’s also required a winch rescue after she fell while on a cruise ship and hit an object, suffering suspected internal injuries.

The rescue helicopter left base about 4.30pm where the rescue officer and medical team were winched onto the ship to assess and stabilise the woman before she was was flown to Rockhampton Hospital for further treatment.