The diving Aussie dollar – predicted to continue to fall entil the end of the year – is piling on the cost of a cruise for those who don’t book in advance.

Shore excursions, for instance, cost $70 more than just over a year ago?

Budget conscious cruisers lock in their fares early or take advantage of deals, but what about all the opportunities to spend money onboard – especially with lines that charge US dollars?

In July 2014 the Australian dollar sat at just over US95c. This week it is hovering around US70c, and predictions suggest that it will continue to fall even further. That’s a drop of more than 26%, which is going to take a serious bite out of your cruise finances.

Cruise Passenger does the maths.

Specialty restaurant
Royal Caribbean Chops Grill – US$30pp

2014 – A$31.55

2015 – A$42.85

Celebrity Cruises Murano – US$45pp

2014 – A$47.35

2015 – A$64.29

Holland America Line Pinnacle Grill – US$29pp

2014 – A$30.55

2015 – A$41.43



2014 – A$12.63

2015 – A$17.14

Shore excursion

Royal Caribbean Amadee Island Day Trip – US$175pp

2014 – A$188.40

2015 – A$255.70

Holland America Line A Day at Amadee Lighthouse – US$151+pp

2014 – A$158.95+

2015 – A$215.70+

Celebrity Cruises Dunedin City Heritage Tour – US$189.95pp

2014 – A$199.95

2015 – A$271.35

So what about the lines that charge in Australian dollars – P&O, Princess and Carnival?

A spokesperson for the line told Cruise Passenger “There has been very little movement in the price of additional onboard items such as drinks on our local cruise ships in recent years. Given the recent fall in the Australian dollar now, more than ever, cruises on P&O, Princess and Carnival Cruise Line’s Australian-based ships represent exceptional value as they all feature Australian currency onboard.

“This means holidaymakers on our ships can enjoy a domestic or international cruise without worrying about the weakening Australian dollar driving up their onboard account.”