What do you get when you mix two funny men, a whole bunch of people and a radio station? Well you will soon be finding out when Hamish and Andy jump aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Spirit next month to broadcast live from the open sea!

The comedy duo will depart Sydney next month on a five-day cruise to Vanuatu as they broadcast their live drive-time show from Sydney Harbour, three days at sea and another anchored off Vanuatu’s uninhabited Mystery Island.

But a cruise is never very fun on your own right? So that’s why every day this month Hamish and Andy are giving listeners across the Hit Network a chance to join them on this first-time-in-cruise experience. Over 100 of these lucky listeners will then get onboard The People’s cruise and kick back with Hamish and Andy as they experience the fun awaiting them on Carnival Spirit such as a dive-in cinema, mini golf, the Green Thunder waterslide, the and the Punchline Comedy Club.

Hamish and Andy said:

“Everyone thinks we’ve decided to broadcast from a cruise ship with 110 listeners just so we can drink and relax by one of four pools onboard the ship each day. They are wrong… ‘cause there are only three pools”.

This is the first time something like this has been attempted from the Carnival Spirit and Carnival have had to rigorously test their satellite equipment to ensure Hamish and Andy’s show makes it all the way across the Pacific and into our ears back home.

With no big storms on the radar, a whole shipload of raging fans and free 24 hour pizza and ice cream, things are looking pretty good for the Duo! I mean, what can go wrong?…