Cruise gratuities around the world are increasing. But while Australian holiday-makers might not see the daily charge, it is still absorbed into our fare.

When there are increases in gratuities overseas, this will most likely spur an increase in Australian cruise fares.

For example, Royal Caribbean gratuities have risen from USD$14 to USD$16 per day, and Carnival Cruises have gone from USD$14 to USD$17.

Some lines have hiked gratuities even more dramatically. Norwegian Cruise Line has raised gratuities 25% to USD$20 per day. While the numbers might not sound dramatic, for a 10-day cruise for a family of four, this will come out at USD$800 or $1224 extra for the cruise.

Costs are even higher in NCL’s higher suite categories, if you stay in the haven complex prices rise to USD$25 per person per day.

Once again, Australians won’t see this as a separate cost, but it will be reflected in cruise fares.

Other cruise lines with notably high gratuities include Celebrity Cruises at USD$14 per day and Oceania Cruises at USD$18 per day.

Should you tip on a cruise in Australia?

While this can be a difficult question, the simple answer is: ‘if you want’. As stated, your gratuities are built into your cruise fare, meaning an extra portion of your fare is already going to directly to the staff on the ship.

However, if you are happy with your service and decide to give extra to certain staff members, this will of course always be appreciated by the staff.