Evergreen Tours today launches its new Solo Explorer club – a community dedicated to single cruisers where they can get the best deals, use a room matching service and much more.

General Manager of Evergreen Tours Angus Crichton said that over the past five years the line has experienced a 20 per cent increase in single travellers.

Through the club, solo cruisers will get access to the best single supplement deals consistently running throughout the year. They will be available to those who sign up to Evergreen’s newsletter.

But they will also be able to tell the line what they want on everything from cabins to selfie sticks.

Mr Crichton told Cruise Passenger Evergreen had heard the feedback from the growing army of single travellers over what they saw as exorbitant fees or supplements from some lines.

“We decided to set up the Solo Explorer’s club after hearing feedback from our past travellers and clients. They approached us and said they wanted to continue to travel with Evergreen but were concerned about fees for single supplements,” he said.

“The line saw there was an increasing demand for deals and services for solo cruisers ,which is how the formation of Evergreen Solo Explorer’s Club came about. This is going to be a network where Evergreen’s solo cruisers from all around the world can come together and talk to each other.”

He said the line will be talking to some of their regular single cruisers and asking them what solo guests would like once they step onboard the ship.

“This is a preliminary idea but we’ve heard that solo cruisers love selfie sticks, so they can take photos by themselves if they are out adventuring or exploring somewhere. And that’s the whole point of this club – the opportunity for our single guests to explore the world,” he said.

“Our main clientele tend to be retirees and especially women who have worked or taken care of a family for most of their lives who, due to unfortunate circumstances, are alone. They want to travel but in an environment where they can still be social and still have some privacy.”

Onboard Evergreen’s ‘Star Ships’ there are two single cabins, but Mr Crichton said the majority of solo cruisers still want the space of a double sized cabin, without paying up to 200% extra on other lines.

“We’ve heard that some solo cruisers feel segregated if they are stuck in a single cabin. We have lots of groups of ladies who travel together but want their own rooms so this kind of club is perfect for that.”

For more information about Evergreen’s news Solo Explorer club, click here.