Celebrating the launch of Sun Princess, the ship was officially welcomed by her new godmother, British actress Hannah Waddingham.

The maritime tradition took place in the Princess arena with Waddingham as well as the ship’s Captain, Craig Street.

Waddingham, the star of Ted Lasso pronounced, “I name this ship Sun Princess. May God bless her and all who sail on her.”

The actress lowered a golden ray into a sun sculpture saying it represented the 16th ship in the fleet.

She then released the celebratory Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne to smash against the ship. The ceremony is to wish good fortune to all of the ship’s guests and crew sailing all over the world.

“Hannah is globally admired and adored for her immense talent and determination. Those qualities coupled with her family’s deep connection and love for the sea make her the perfect godmother for our sensational new Sun Princess,” said John Padgett, Princess Cruises president.

“We are honoured that she has joined us for this pinnacle moment. She will remain a treasured part of the ship’s legacy forever.”

Other celebrities included Tyra Banks, whose SMiZE Cream is across the Princess fleet, and fashion designer Randy Fenoli, a godparent for 2022’s Discovery Princess

She is the first ship to have dedicated family facilities like a water park, roller glider, discovery park as well as new accommodation offerings.

Cruise Passenger will be onboard the Sun Princess this weekend on a week-long journey. Stay tuned to see the fully completed ship in all her glory.