Along with sailings Down Under of Disney Wonder, that means fans can get a double dose of the Mouse once the Disney Adventure is launched next year.

Adventure, once the Global Dream before Disney bought it, is huge at 6,700 passengers and 2,500 crew. So big it will feature seven themed zones.

The Disney Adventure will have three- and four-night itineraries from Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Centre when it debuts in a partnership with Singapore Tourist Board.

The Disney Adventure comes in at 208,000 gross-tons which would make her one of the top 10 largest cruise ships in the world.

While the maiden voyage and first season have yet to be announced, Disney has shared some hot new details about the experiences that await guests who choose to set sail on the Asia-based ship. This ship is both “a journey and a destination” at once.

Disney Cruise Line is well known for its immersive ships filled with signature Disney magic and storytelling, and Disney Adventure will not disappoint. Onboard, travelers will find everything they love about the cruise line’s signature amazing service, immersive theming, and worlds of wonder and fantasy. Disney Adventure is being designed to create a floating destination filled with oceangoing adventures, regardless of where the ship may visit.

“When they set sail on the Disney Adventure, guests will find incredible, immersive areas that bring the worlds of Disney, Pixar and Marvel to life in ways like never before – and these uniquely Disney experiences will inspire families to reconnect, recharge and make unforgettable memories that they’ll cherish forever,” Disney Cruise Line Senior Vice President and General Manager Sharon Siskie said.

Seven themed zones

The ship will be themed in seven areas, each one encapsulating fantastic Disney wonder and the essence of the cruise line. These areas are highlighting the core pillars of Disney’s storytelling:  imagination, discovery, fantasy, and adventure.

These areas include: 

  • Disney Imagination Garden: The entry to the ship will be “inspired by 100 years of heroic and heartwarming Disney adventures with an open-air performance venue will feature a lush garden and elements reminiscent of an enchanted valley. It will feature characters from Moana on the high seas to Mowgli in the jungle”
  • Disney Discovery Reef: Shopping and dining themed to aquatic characters and nautical stories including “The Little Mermaid,” “Lilo & Stitch,” “Finding Nemo” and “Luca”
  • San Fransokyo Street: A family entertainment area with an assortment of interactive games and activities, shops, cinemas and more themed around the world of “Big Hero 6.”
  • Wayfinder Bay: The ship’s pool area, Wayfinder Bay, will feature an open-air poolside retreat with panoramic sea views amid Pacific Islands-theme.
  • Town Square: Themed to Disney’s royals, this area will include shops, lounges, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues. Here, passengers can immerse themselves in the world of Disney princesses, such as Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel.
  • Marvel Landing: Featuring “all-new attractions and experiences that showcase imaginative representations of guests’ favorite Super Heroes”. 
  • Toy Story Place: An interactive playland with themed food venues and water play areas.

Disney Adventure facts

  • For guests interested in more high-energy adventure, Marvel Landing will celebrate the iconic superhero (and supervillain) characters with all-new attractions, while Toy Story Place will be a whimsical and interactive play space with favorite Pixar personalities
  • Disney Adventure will continue Disney’s rotational dining concept, with guests’ service team following them throughout the voyage. Staterooms also feature Disney Cruise Line’s split-bathroom concept.
  • The ship also will offer extensive concierge accommodations, including access to exclusive areas and amenities such as a private indoor lounge, an expansive sundeck with a pool and whirlpools, high-end shopping venues, and dedicated spa and fitness facilities.
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