An Australian cruise passenger has captured footage of a 30-metre wave crashing into their ship as they were sailing through the Drake Passage.

The passenger was onboard the Atlas World Voyager as it was sailing to Antarctica.

The Drake Passage is notoriously known for its unpredictable and rough conditions, as it is the direct point at which the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans converge.

The footage was filmed on December 2, 2023 and uploaded later to TikTok by the account placeslesstravelled shows the ship getting hit by winds of 185 kilometres per hour.

A passenger who was onboard the ship said on Facebook, “’We had high winds with one gust hitting 115 mph.

“Also 10-metre waves and one wave that washed over the bridge level. The captain estimated it was a 30 metre wave.

“It was the roughest crossing many of the crew and staff had ever had… Made it back to Ushuaia safely under the guidance of our expert captain.”

No major damage was caused and nobody was injured.