Getting booted off a cruise ship happens far more often than many passengers imagine. The recent case of a couple who were thrown off a cruise ship for making love too loudly is a case in point.

Making love too loudly

The couple is suing a cruise line, claiming to have been removed from the ship because they were a bit too loud while making love in their stateroom with the balcony door open.

Renate F. and her husband, Volker, had boarded the TUI Cruises ship Mein Schiff 5 intending to enjoy a two-week voyage to the Caribbean.

But shortly after their departure earlier this year, the couple made love with their balcony door open, and they claim the fact their frisky frolic got a bit loud is why they were asked to disembark.

Noisy hanky panky is an offence

Post hanky panky, Volker reportedly went to take a shower while Renate stepped outside to have a cigarette.  Soon, members of the crew knocked on the door and, after a brief discussion, the couple was asked to leave the ship. With their suitcases in hand, the pair were left in Barbados and had to find their own way home.

While some have questioned whether perhaps smoking on the balcony was the reason the pair was removed from the ship, that is not actually against the rules on Mein Schiff 5, unlike most ships sailing out of the United States.

Climbing over your railing to take a selfie

A reckless woman was kicked off a cruise for climbing out over the balcony of her room to take a selfie. The passenger, who has not been identified, was spotted on the edge of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas ship as it approached Labadee, Haiti last week. She has now been banned from travelling with the cruise line again for life. Fellow passenger, Peter Blosic, spotted the woman and snapped a photo of her in a blue swimsuit with her hands above her head while posing on the railing. He then alerted crew members.

the daring selfie pose

Blosic told CNN: “While on my balcony, I saw the woman climb on her railing. It happened so quickly. Not knowing what her intentions were, I alerted the crew. If I said nothing, and she was going to jump, that would be horrible.” The woman was located by employees aboard the ship. She and her partner were removed from the cruise when it docked in Falmouth, Jamaica.

“Security was notified and the guests were later debarked in Falmouth, Jamaica as a result of their actions and are now banned for life from sailing with Royal Caribbean.”

Get in a punch up

WITH great anticipation, Elaine Chan and her husband hopped on-board Holland America’s Zuiderdam ship for a 24-day holiday.

At first, it seemed like a dream come true. But on day five, things went terribly wrong.

The couple was thrown off the vessel in Helsinki after the captain accused Ms Chan’s 65-year-old husband — who does not want his name disclosed — of pushing a crew member two days earlier during a brawl in St Petersburg, Russia.

Ms Chan says it was around 8am in the morning on day five of their cruise when the captain called them into his office to discuss an incident where several passengers had been verbally abusive towards the crew.

One had pushed an employee, and Ms Chan’s husband had been identified as the offender.

Mr Chan was accused of being in a punch-up

Despite their denials, the duo was told to get their belongings together and were handed tickets back to San Francisco. Ms Chan said they were blindsided and had no time to argue their case properly.

“We did not expect our highly anticipated vacation to end as a nightmare in complete humiliation,” Ms Chan said.

“We were kicked off the cruise by the Holland America captain in Helsinki. He forced us to leave the cruise by 10am to catch our flight. If we did not leave on time, he said we would miss our flight.”

Call the crew idiots

Robert and Esther Gaines were kicked off a seven-night Norwegian Cruise Lines trip in May through the US and British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas after a disagreement Mr Gaines had with a crew member regarding reservations to one of the ship’s shows.

Mr Gaines admits things did get heated. He claims he made reservations for the show, but his name wasn’t on the list.

Who are you calling an idiot?

When the worker refused to let him in, Mr Gaines wasn’t happy. “I said, ‘Listen you idiot, I’m telling you right now that my family is in the show. Why are you keeping me out of the show?’”

While the incident ended without any physical altercation, Mr Gaines provided a statement to security.

The next morning, however, he claims a security officer showed up at his cabin. He was informed the captain decided Mr Gaines would have to disembark on the island of Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands.

Have your passport stolen

Chris Crook, 70, said he and his wife Sarah, 63, felt like “pieces of meat” when they were herded off the ship and back onto dry land, after Mr Crook’s passport went missing.

The couple spent the best part of $12,500 on what they hoped would be a dream vacation: a 12-day voyage from Barcelona to Venice on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer back in April.

In reality, they missed part of the trip and racked up more than $1,250 in out-of-pocket expenses after Chris Cook’s passport went walk-about.

Keep a close eye on your passport

Chris Crook said he took his passport with him on an April 23 land excursion to Rome. At lunch, he left a bag with the passport in it under a chair while he visited a bathroom. The Crooks said they took turns to use the facilities so the bag wasn’t left alone.

But when Chris Crook returned, it was missing. The couple raced to report the lost passport to police, before catching a coach back to the ship.

Expecting assistance back on board, Chris Crook told staff his passport was gone. But, as he now had no form of identification, they told him to leave the vessel.

Flicking your ciggie overboard

A Perth man was kicked off his P&O cruise ship after he flicked a cigarette overboard.

Mark O’Keefe, 57 and his wife Debra were on a 10-day cruise when he was severely reprimanded after a P&O security guard saw him flick a cigarette overboard.

His daughter, Courtney O’Keefe says her sick father had to make his own way home from Bali.

“He had maybe two drags because the weather was horrendous – he butted it out, and without thinking, he flicked it,” she said.

P&O Cruise to Bali-CruisePassenger
Bye Bye Bali

Mr O’Keefe apologised and was told if he returned to his cabin, he would face no consequences. However, the following day, Courtney received a call from her mother saying that Mr O’Keefe had been removed from the ship.

“The captain said ‘you’re off’ – no letting my dad apologise, no option of cutting him off at the bar, no giving him a fine. Nothing.”

Her mother was unable to leave with him, as they had saved their money for the trip to Bali and couldn’t afford two tickets home.

Being too pregnant

Emily Jackson, 22, had just boarded a Disney cruise with her husband, two kids, parents and siblings and was waiting for her room key when Disney staff approached her.

According to Disney’s policy, women who are 24 weeks pregnant during the cruise will be refused passage.

Jackson was 25 weeks pregnant.

Bumped off for the bump

When the family complained, Jackson alleges a security guard with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle escorted her from the ship.

Jackson says the cruise line offered her a refund for the cost of the cruise but not the plane tickets for the party of 10.

Jumping ship

Nick Naydev, jumped from the 11th storey of the Symphony of the Seas cruise ship in a viral Instagram stunt.

As a result, Royal Caribbean, which operates the mega cruise liner, banned him and his friends from cruising with the company again.

“I’m pretty lucky to be alive,” he said.

The 27-year-old American says he did the “stupid and reckless” stunt, which his friends filmed, for Instagram.

Leaping into shark infested waters

When he landed in the water, he was picked up by a small boat and taken back to the dock where the ship was. Mr Naydev was then led away by staff, who told him that he had to leave the ship “immediately”, alongside his companions, who were also asked to leave.

After the jump, Naydev admitted he was in a lot of pain.

“When I sobered up my back started hurting pretty bad. Could barely walk for three days.”

Perhaps the ultimate twist to this tale is that Nassau locals later told Mr Naydev that “nobody dared swim” in the water he jumped into because the waters were shark-infested.