With so much on offer for kids and great all-inclusive deals, cruise is an ideal family holiday. But don’t take our word for it, read what our 10-year-old cruise critic has to say.

Charli Faircloth may be only 10 years old, but she has already notched up nine journeys and is destined for a lifelong love affair with cruising. With Tim Faircloth from ilovecruising.com.au as her dad, a fair dose of “cruising DNA” is well and truly entrenched.

Ask any parent who has taken their kids on a cruise and they’ll tell you just how much joy they get from seeing their kids have the time of their lives. Plus with the children well and truly sorted, the rest of the family can take time out to relax.

Given that Charli can now be described as bonafide cruising expert, Cruise Passenger asked her to rate a few of her recent cruises from her own point of view, starting with her latest voyage onboard Carnival Spirit.

Charli has given each cruise a “smiley rating” out of 5 and we asked her to think of a “Wicked” experience (the best fun), an “OMG” moment (not so fun) and a “LOL” (something that made her laugh out loud).

SHIP: Carnival Spirit, Carnival Cruise Line

ITINERARY: 8 nights, New Caledonia

“This was my third cruise on Carnival Spirit and every time it just gets more and more fun.

This cruise was in school holidays and there were sooo many other kids onboard, but there is still heaps to do for everyone. The kids’ club gets very crowded, so I don’t go there that much, but I and my new friends have the best fun doing everything – riding the water slides, mini golf, swimming, bingo and watching all the shows. We also loved just “hanging out” in the Jungle walk, making our own fun.

The Isle of pines is awesome and really beautiful. The swimming there is great and visiting the old prison ruins was interesting, although a bit spooky.”

WICKED: The free soft-serve ice-cream for sure.

OMG: My dad tried to make me eat snails (escargot) in the dining room one night. YUK!! Not even for the 20 bucks he offered me.

LOL: Definitely the family comedy show in the Punchliner Comedy Club. The comedians were hilarious.


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