Carnival Corporation has been granted permission to sail in Cuba starting May 1, 2016. This will be the first time in 50 years, that a US based cruise ship will sail from the United States (Miami) to Cuba.

Following the US Government’s Cuba embargo being lifted in 2015, Carnival Corp’s new travel brand Fathom and its 704 passenger ship MV Adonia will cruise to Cuba beginning May, 2016. In a statement released by Carnival Corporation, Cuban authorities from Havanatur Celimar, various other agencies and Carnival Corporation signed agreements on March 21, 2016 enabling cruising by Carnival Corporation to Cuba.

“Our Carnival Corporation and Fathom brand teams have worked closely with Cuba throughout this process and we are thrilled to begin regular sailings to Cuba from Miami starting on May 1, 2016,” said Tara Russell, president of Carnival Corporation’s new Fathom brand said. “We have been told that we will be the first cruise line to sail from the U.S. to Cuba with our historic inaugural sailing.”

“We are excited about Cuban approval and are ready to take travellers there through an extraordinary guest experience on the beautiful MV Adonia,” Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald said.

“This is a historic opportunity, and we know there is pent-up demand amongst Americans who want to experience Cuba. We believe there is no better way to experience so much of Cuba in seven days. Everyone who sails with us with Fathom to Cuba will have a very special, rewarding and enriching experience with our Fathom brand.”

The 7 nights itinerary to Cuba will include port calls at Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. Onboard experiences will have  a Cuban influence like movies, music and cuisine; there will also be an onboard orientation on Cuba’s history, customs and culture.

Prices for seven-day itineraries to Cuba start at US$1800 per person, excluding Cuban visas, taxes, fees and port expenses and including all meals on the ship, onboard experiences and on-the ground activities. Prices will vary by season.