If you’ve ever stood at your cruise cabin balcony and wondered what would happen if you tossed in a line, you now have an answer.

But it comes at a cost. A Carnival cruiser caught in the act by another guest who filmed him reeling in a spotted fish has reportedly been banned for life.

The unnamed vessel was docked in Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, a common destination for Carnival ships.

According to local cruise news hub, Cruise Hive, the overall markings and the triangular body shape means the fish appears to be a buffalo trunkfish (also called cowfish, boxfish, or shell-fish).

The TikTok quickly garnered a couple of million views, but has now been deleted.

Cruise Hive illustration

However, some other users have re-uploaded the video, you can still a regular cruiser dissecting the footage below.

@alexthecruiser This is awful, and breaking major rules. #carnival #carnivalcruise #fish #fishing #bahamas #fishinglife #fishingtiktoks ♬ original sound – Alex the Cruiser

The above TikTok points out the fisherman has a blue room key, meaning it’s their first cruise with Carnival. This could offer an explanation to why the cruiser was not aware of the rules.

Carnival vessel guests are not permitted to bring any live animals onto the ships other than approved service dogs. Guests are also prohibited from throwing anything off the ship or “discharging or releasing any unauthorised item overboard.”

Non-residents of the Bahamas are also currently required to obtain fishing permits.

According to Cruise Hive, The video was posted on April 16, 2023, but there is no telling exactly when it may have been filmed.

Several Carnival ships have visited Nassau recently, according to the site, including Carnival SunriseMardi GrasCarnival ElationCarnival ParadiseCarnival LibertyCarnival SunshineCarnival DreamCarnival Conquest, and Carnival Freedom.

Since the video stops as the fish hits the deck, it is unclear whether it was thrown back into the water, but the feeling is that it would unlikely to have survived.

Carnival refused to comment but fishing off a cruise ship balcony is absolutely not permitted, as it would present a hazard not only to marine wildlife – there being no guarantee that any fish caught would not be protected, or other marine life such as sea turtles, corals, or stingrays would not be harmed – but could also be hazardous to the ship passengers.