A mega cruise project worth $100 million, presented by the Port of Brisbane Authority and supported by Carnival Cruise Line Australia and Royal Caribbean International has gathered momentum.

The news reported by Brisbane Times mentioned that Queensland Government is considering the proposal, which would be completely funded by the private sector. The new cruise ship terminal proposal, if approved will bring cruise ships which are 300 metres long, carrying 6000 passenger on board.

According to Port of Brisbane Authority, the new cruise ship terminal meets the industry needs and Brisbane’s growing contribution in cruise tourism.

In an interview with Brisbane Times, Port of Brisbane Authority chief executive Roy Cummins said  “Cruise ships are getting longer, and currently there is no dedicated facility in Brisbane to accommodate mega ships.”.

The new cruise ship terminal is expected to triple the size of Brisbane’s cruise ship industry in next 20 years and bring in approx. $1 billion every year to Queensland’s economy, which will have nearly 766,000 cruise passengers from Brisbane.

The current $750 million Hamilton cruise ship terminal has ships which are 270 metres long. The Queensland Government is investigating the new terminal plans from environmental and technical point of view. The new terminal at Luggage Point, Brisbane will nearly consume 15 hectares of land; will be close to both domestic and international airport and will have enough scope for expansion unlike the Hamilton cruise ship terminal. Read full story here

Nearly 300 construction jobs will arise from this project, which is said to be completed by 2019.