Great deals, fabulous experiences and the chance to enjoy our own backyard – what’s not to love about an Australian holiday now the borders are reopening.

We’re right behind the huge move to get Australia back on the road – but there are a few precautions we would advise.

Here are our five rules of the road:

1. You’ll get a shock when you try and take out insurance if you’re planning to go further afield.  Many big companies are refusing to issue policies during the pandemic.  So shop around if you’re concerned enough and your break is going to cost a lot. check out credit card insurance as well.

2.  If you’re going somewhere new – and we’d suggest this is a great time to explore – use a travel agent to suggest new places. Many have got good deals, and can pass on tips and tricks you hadn’t thought of. And some guarantee your trip – a great way around the insurance problem.

3.  Use hotel chains. Many have bargains for bookings right now, and offering the chance to book along a route. if your driving to Melbourne or Brisbane (once the border opens, hopefully on July 10) you might want to stop along the way.

4.  Prebook restaurants. Continuing restrictions mean that Saturday night dinner may need to be booked in advance to avoid the risk of an enforced takeaway from Maccas or KFC.

5.  Take your hand sanitisers and wipes for the trip, and continue social distancing. We know we are the Lucky Country as far as the virus is concerned, but there are still a few outbreaks and you don’t want to let your guard down.

And here’s how to support local

  • Do buy lots of local produce – local farmers have been doing it tough, and a bag full of fresh veggies will work wonders on local economies.
  • Do eat out – those restaurants have their backs against the wall, and those in small towns are an important employer.
  • Search for souvenirs – every little helps when you’re a small business.
  • Tell your friends – if you find a great experience, pass it on on our website, Tripadviser or local sites. If someone has given you good service, say so.

Now get out there and spread the dollars…and the love!