New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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How environmentally friendly is your favourite ship? A new report carried out by the Friends of the Earth found that Disney Cruise Line’s vessels have the least impact on the environment.

The report card ranks 17 cruise lines from best to worst based on four criteria points – sewerage treatment, air pollution reduction, water quality compliance and transparency.

Disney received an A in sewage treatment, water quality compliance as well as transparency and a C- in air pollution reduction.

Cunard came second with a final grading of C. It received an A in sewage treatment, B- in air pollution reduction, an F in transparency as a N/A in water quality compliance.

Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises followed closely behind.

Most cruise lines faired well in sewage treatment criteria with P&O Cruise UK, Costa Cruises and Crystal Cruises were at the bottom of the report card receiving Ds and Fs in all categories.

But Disney Cruise Line was the only cruise line to respond to the Friend of the Earth request for information. Take a look at the scoring and decide for yourself.


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