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Day trippers like cruise passengers, will soon be taxed when visiting Venice.

According to the Associated Press, the local authorities of the historic city announced that taxing day visitors would commence on July 1, 2020.

While the fee was announced nearly a year ago, Venetian officials delayed the implementation while they figured out how it would be paid and enforced.

Authorities said on Wednesday that the level of tax will be decided close to the date of implementation, but a law establishing it set a range of €3-10 euros a day.

The original plan was to start at the tax at €3 and eventually raise the price to €10 within three years.

But The Telegraph reports that when the system is launched, tourists will pay the minimum fee of €3 during low season and €8 during peak season. During the ‘critical’ periods such as summer weekends, visitors might have to fork out as much as €10.

An online portal will be set up so visitors can prepay before arriving into the city or they are able to pay using machines in the city.

By 2022, visitors will have to make an online booking to enter Venice. The goal, according to reports, is to make millions of day-trippers to help with the upkeep of the city which includes offsetting high charges imposed on locals, who are pay high rates for services like garbage collection

Currently, visitors who stay overnight already pay a tax as part of their accommodation charge.


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