Over 90 years and across three generations, the Paspaley family has been diving for pearls along the remote and pristine north west Australian coastline. At the heart of their finely crafted jewellery collections is the rare Pinctada maxima pearl oyster, found only in the Kimberley.

Paspaley has now launched the Dive Collection, which honours the pearl divers who go in search of the finest pearls in the world.

“Dive really captures who we are and what we do. Diving has been at the heart of our operations since the very beginning of Paspaley. Our Dive collection celebrates this and is inspired by our hard-hat pearl divers who came across shipwrecks and Dutch coins left by traders who visited the Kimberley in the 1960s,” says Christine Salter, Paspaley creative director.

“The earrings are coin charms set with mother-of-pearl and engraved with stories inspired by the pearl divers’ tattoos – mermaids, sharks, the moon and stars,” she added.

There is a sense of play, passion and craftsmanship in the Dive collection. A fine example is the shark charm adorned with a keshi pearl and diamonds, an ode to the gentle nurse sharks that move gracefully through the waters of the Kimberley coastline. The shark charm can be added to the Dive charm necklace and bracelet, which feature links influenced by anchor chains, to let the wearer create their own design.

The Dive tassel necklace and earrings are fluid in motion, featuring lustrous Paspaley pearls adorned by elegant long tassels that reflect the frayed and knotted old ropes from retired wooden pearl luggers that lie partly submerged on the beaches in Broome.

Then there’s the Entwined pendant, which highlights significant pearls that were hand-selected by the Paspaley family. Sculptural loops within the design reflect the movement and texture of the ropes and chains that play such a crucial role for Paspaley’s divers on their pearling ships.

Paspaley has also introduced their first ever ring for men, one that reflects the way anchor chains change colour over time.

To the ordinary person, the Kimberley is an unfamiliar world. But for Paspaley divers, for whom the call of the ocean is as powerful as their passion for adventure, the Kimberley is home.

Working closely with nature, the divers collect each shell by hand as they search for the wild Pinctada maxima oysters on the sea floor. This sustainable approach has
been recognised and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, the independent body that assesses the environmentally sustainability of the wild marine industry.

Every piece of Paspaley pearl jewellery has been crafted to connect with the free spirit of the Paspaley woman and man – and Dive, with  adventure in its DNA, is no exception.

For more information, visit paspaley.com