Belmond has revealed the two new Grand Suites that will now provide further luxury on Royal Scotsman, a Belmond Train, Scotland.

Set to come into operation in May 2024, the Grand Suites will provide a completely elevated experience for customers, with the suites complete with en-suite bathrooms double beds and a spacious private living area. As an extra sprinkle of opulence there are further amenities including private transfers to the train and a spa treatment on the trains unique spa carriage.

The train is also home to two dining cars, providing the perfect place for not just premium dining, but also a chance to mingle with other travellers and catch some live entertainment. Then there’s also of course the trains off-board activities, which could range anywhere in between sipping whiskey in a castle or white water rafting.

The suites are designed in tribute to Scottish culture and architecture, with brooding, dark panels finely carved to set the backdrop over the double bed and Scottish larch, sofa and armchair. A subtle colour palette of green, grey, beige and blue will complete the Scottish look, with stone and wood furnishings putting  together the bathroom.

For an extra Scottish touch, the living room will be complete with a sumptuous sofa and armchair that takes its inspiration from the Orkney Chair, a crucial piece of Scottish culture and heritage.

A two-night journey in the Grand Suite starts from an all-inclusive fare of $10,780.

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