Leading high-end hotel brand Aman has launched a range of new wellness programs across their suite of properties. The brand has also launched their new Aman Essential Skin range across the globe.

Aman Well-Living focuses on five pillars of wellness. The first – Medical – embraces the technological innovation of modern medicine to heal, as well as the complementary powers of functional and integrative medicine to rebalance and restore. The second and third pillars cover Nutrition and Movement, while the fourth – Wellbeing – recognises the importance of spiritual health maintained through mindfulness and the meeting of energetic needs. The final pillar is Recovery & Support, which aims to boost the body’s ability to self-heal and recuperate through time-tested traditional remedies and the very latest wellness technologies.

Resident medical professionals and practitioners will oversee Aman Personalised Wellness Immersions at select resorts as defined by each of the five pillars, while Aman Personalised Retreats will focus exclusively on the four non-medical pillars.


A centre for longevity in New York

The brand’s most recent opening is Aman New York, which has 278 square metre Fitness Centre and double capacity Cryotherapy Chamber to a heated swimming pool flanked by firepits. They also include two luxurious private Spa Houses.

Temples of wellness providing half- and full-day, each features a marble Hammam steam room or a wood-clad Banya sauna, as well as a double treatment room, a spacious living area with fireplace and a large outdoor terrace with a hot bath and cold-plunge pool – canopied for year-round use.

In the spa’s Functional and Integrative Medicine examination and therapy rooms, Harvard-trained physician Dr. Robert Graham, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and other in-house specialists assess individuals via body composition analysis methods such as Bioimpedance screening.

They then assist in the creation of tailored, multi-disciplinary plans of varying duration designed to achieve any wellness goal – be it rehabilitating an injury, working towards a marathon, or reducing stress.

The spa in Aman New York
The spa in Aman New York

New Aman Essential Skin

Launched in February 2023, Aman Essential Skin is the newest skincare line from Aman created in partnership with KOSÉ in Japan. The new line comprises five products that combine to form a functional and effective daily skincare routine supporting the natural skin barrier.

Aman Essential Skin will also be used in a new facial treatment – the Aman Advanced Facial – at Aman New York, Aman Tokyo, Amanemu, Amangiri and the Aman Spa at The Connaught, London.

Aman Skin Care range
Aman Skin Care range


Extreme watersports and plant-based nutrition in the Philippines

Amanpulo is located on Pamalican Island in the Philippines, Amanpulo. The property has two exclusive new wellness initiatives will continue into 2023 – the three-night Extreme Water Sports Retreat and the all-encompassing Eat-to-Bloom program led by Tania Balasch.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, the three-night Water Sports Retreat involves numerous challenges. On land, guests can go on a beach run along the island’s golden shores and a two-hour hike to the summit of Mount English. Off-shore, an open water island-to-island swim offers a rewarding way to meet the community on Manamoc.

A kitesurfing session (introductory or advanced) from Amanpulo’s Kite & Surf Centre takes advantage of the north-easterly wind, known locally as Amihan, and a scuba diving excursion and a freediving experience reveal the island’s vibrant marine life. Daily breakfast, a Sunset Breeze yoga session, a Sunset Yin yoga session, a 50-minute Holistic Massage and daily group wellness activities are also included.

A holistic health coach, yoga instructor and healthy lifestyle educator, Tania Balasch has a special interest in wellness therapies, fitness modalities and nutrition that support natural healing. In Amanpulo’s three- to five-day Eat-to-Bloom programme, she draws on her experience as a plant-based chef to nourish body, mind and spirit.

Guests are invited to follow a custom plant-based diet designed along with daily exercises and meditation to inspire a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. The program also includes a 90-minute nutrition workshop and cooking class set in Amanpulo’s organic gardens, as well as a 60-minute fitness movement class and a 60-minute mindful movement class.

Amanpulo Kitesurfing
Amanpulo Kitesurfing

Arawak healing in the Dominican Republic

Backed by luscious jungle and overlooking the celebrated shores of Playa Grande, Amanera invites guests to experience a multi-day journey guided by the philosophy of the indigenous Arawak community.

Lasting for three-nights, the Anichi Healing Retreat is rooted in the practice of mindfulness, with a focus on finding time for oneself and becoming more aware. Ideal for those seeking a moment’s peace and air of calm in contrast to the hectic pace of their daily lives, the retreat releases unnecessary energy to rejuvenate through a combination of spa treatments using local ingredients and gentle, grounding exercise sessions in the resort’s natural surroundings.

Across the course of three days, guests will experience nightly in-room lunar baths, alongside one water healing session aimed to completely relax the body and alleviate stress. Meanwhile, in the spa, a Mud Mask Purification treatment and Holistic Massage nurture and nourish, providing much-needed pampering. The retreat also includes a moon-lit yoga and two mindfulness sessions designed to bring lightness.

For further immersion in Arawak culture, the program offers a native cooking class – combining a hike to gather fresh ingredients and a lesson in the preparation of Taíno cuisine.

Amanera in the Dominican Republic
Amanera in the Dominican Republic

Legends and stress relief in Turks and Caicos

Located on the secluded shores of an 18,000-acre nature reserve, Amanyara’s abundance of space makes it an ideal location for sports and recreation with guests able to take advantage of outdoor tennis courts, a full-size football field and professional boxing and Pilates studios.

The Amanyara Legends program continues in 2023, inviting guests to learn and improve their sports skills through clinics with award-winning professional athletes from across the globe.

Former US pro, Brian Scalabrine, hosting a series of one-hour clinics from 30 March to 4 April.

Taking place in June and December, the resort’s four-night Stress Relief Wellness Retreat unpacks the causes, effects and effective management of stress. Led by global wellness icon Toby Maguire (featured in the Sunday Times, Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post for his contributions to the wellness industry), the retreat will include daily sessions introducing meditation techniques, breathwork for relaxation and goal setting for balanced living, as well as a signature massage, a personalised wellness session and a private movement class.

Toby will draw on his extensive knowledge of meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypnotherapy to help each participant reduce their stress levels, gain clarity with regards to personal and professional goals and improve their physical and psychological wellbeing to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Amanyara Legends program
Meet sporting greats during Amanyara’s Legends Program

A spiritual journey through Indonesia

Drawing inspiration from Aman Spa’s three signature pathways which in turn reflect the brand’s organic Aman Skincare range, Aman Indonesia has curated a new three- to six-night spiritual retreat for 2023 which combines stays at Amanjiwo (Grounding) in Java, and Amankila (Purifying) and Amandari (Nourishing) on Bali. Stays at each resort include a temple visit and a selection of spa and movement sessions, alongside a choice of activities linked to each theme, such as reiki and singing bowl treatments, acupuncture, private yoga, meditation, nature treks and visits to local healers.

Amanjiwo rests at the foot of the Menoreh Hills with awe-inspiring views of Borobudur. After witnessing sunrise atop this ancient Buddhist sanctuary, experience a private tour of Prambanan or Mendut, or trek through rice paddies and villages to enjoy a riverside picnic.

At Amankila on Bali’s dramatic east coast, meditate at dawn on the black sand beach or snorkel the waters of the Lombok Strait on a sunrise cruise before experiencing the sacred 11th century temple of Gunung Kawi. Finally head inland to the fertile heart of the island – Ubud – where Amandari perches above the lush Ayung River Gorge. Here find nourishment in the Ubud Water Palace or Elephant Cave, soak in a herbal bath after a stroll along Campuhan Ridge or visit a local seer.

The wellness program at Amankila designed for cultural immersion
The wellness program at Amankila designed for cultural immersion

Mindfulness on a Peloponnese peninsula

Available for guests staying five nights or more from 6 April – 26 May at Amanzoe in Greece, a new Optimal Living mindfulness retreat inspired by the region’s ancient Hellenic Delphic Maxims will offer a comprehensive program of mindfulness, breathwork and meditative movement classes, equipping participants with the tools to overcome mental barriers and obstacles in everyday life.

Forming the foundations of the retreat, the maxims of Know Thyself, Perfection is the Middle Way, Certainty Brings Ruin and I Am, will be unveiled through daily talks with local wellness expert, Konstantinos Chrysikakis, and combined with movement, meditation and massage, leading to improved mental wellbeing. The daily program includes a 60- or 120-minute energy awakening session, 45-minute talk, 60-minute mediative movement class, 60-minute healing meditation, 60-minute spa treatment, and late check-out.

The lush surounds of Amanzoe
The lush surounds of Amanzoe

Aman Japan wellness journey

A tranquil haven high above the capital, Aman Tokyo introduces the country’s urban core through its history, art and cuisine, also serving as a Zen oasis dedicated to wellness. In contrast, Amanemu celebrates the rural peace and seclusion of Ise Shima on the shores of Ago Bay, and Aman Kyoto provides enticing glimpses of the ancient capital’s imperial past from its secret garden near 17 Unesco Heritage Sites. The Aman Japan Journey has long offered guests the opportunity to combine a stay at all three, enjoying a range of exclusive privileges.

New for 2023, guests journeying across Japan with Aman can now tailor their trip to fit with individual wellness goals, with treatments and lessons incorporated along the way. Starting with a wellness assessment at Aman Tokyo, recommended sessions combining ancient techniques and fitness recommendations take place at Amanemu and Aman Kyoto, ensuring the journey is as beneficial for health and wellbeing as it is culturally enriching.

The tranquil setting of Aman in Tokyo
The tranquil setting of Aman in Tokyo