Australia’s love of coffee is legendary. Small wonder cruise lines make sure we are spoilt for choice with great daily coffee when they sail in our waters.

Cruise Passenger surveyed the lines to find out where you can find the cheapest cup of specialty coffee at sea.

The Australian cruise lines like Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line did not disappoint and came out tops.

On Princess Cruises, you can get a cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee at just $2. For regular milky coffees like cappuccinos and lattes, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line tie at $3.50 a cup.

On other lines, you might want to set aside a larger budget for specialty coffee as they charge $5 to $6 on average for a regular Latte.

Lines like Viking Ocean Cruises, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas have specialty coffee included in the fare.

But Celebrity Cruises for instance, charges $6.51 to $8.68.

Go ahead, indulge in your morning routine, feed your coffee habit with the very best coffee brews on your cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line

Regular: $2.95 to $3.65

Medium: $4.50 to $4.65

Large/Iced Coffees: $5.50 to $5.65

On Carnival Cruise Line, Barista coffees are available at the Serenity Café and Fountain Café on Carnival Spirit. A short black starts at $2.95, a regular cappuccino goes for $3.50 and a mocha at $3.65. If you are after an iced coffee on a hot day, they are slightly pricier, starting at $5.50.

Princess Cruises

Regular: $2 to $3.75

Large: $2.50 to $4.75

Princess Cruises offers New Grounds Crafted Coffee menu which features beans sourced from Caffe Boasi in Italy. For $2, you can get a cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee. The regular lattés and flat whites are $3.50 and flavoured coffees are an additional $0.25.

The Barista Coffee Fusions includes Tiramisu To Go, Double Chocolate Mocha Madness, Salted Caramel Strata, Bleached Blonde Vanilla Bean, Princess White Chocolate Medley. Head to the New Grounds coffee at the cafes on board Princess Cruises such as Amuleto Café, International Café and La Patisserie if you fancy a fresh buttery croissant to go with your coffee.

P&O Cruises

Prices: $3.30 to $4.50

P&O Cruises boasts to have the best Australian coffee at sea at Charlie’s Bar. The Cafe serves up brews using Buondi coffee beans. Buondi is a premium coffee brand across southern Europe, featuring arabica and robusta coffee beans from regions around the world and they are roasted and blended by master roasters in Australia. Enjoy a dark roast with elegant acidity and sweetness with a delicate hint of chocolate.

The short and long black and macchiato are priced at $3.30 while the milky coffees are $3.90. Else, indulge in a mocha or flavoured latte at $4.50.

Norwegian Cruise Line


Tall/Regular: $3.54 to $6.87 (US$2.45 to US$4.75)

Tall/Regular (Iced): $4.70 to $6.87 (US$3.25 to US$4.75)

Grande/Large: $3.98 to $8.32 ($US$2.75 to US$5.75)

Venti/Jumbo: $4.27 to $8.61 (US$2.95 to US$5.95)

Starbucks on Norwegian Bliss

Starbucks at Coco

$3.54 to $5.71 (US$2.45 to US$3.95)


Regular: $2.82 to $4.99 (US$1.95 to US$3.45)

Regular (Iced): $2.82 to $5.71 (US$1.95 to US$3.95)

Large: $3.62 to $6.44 (US$2.50 to US$4.45)

A 20% gratuity and beverage service charge will be added to your check.

On Norwegian Cruise Lines, you can find gourmet coffee at The Atrium. Select ships like Norwegian Bliss, Joy and Encore also have Starbucks on board. And on Norwegian Bliss, you’ll also be able to find a small Starbucks coffee menu at their Coco dessert café. You’ll find the full Starbucks menu even at sea and $3.54 (US$2.45) will get you an espresso or freshly brewed coffee. A hot Americano is $4.70 (US$3.25) and the latte is available at $5.71 (US$3.95).

Coco’s on Norwegian Bliss

The other ships in the fleet that don’t have a Starbucks on board serve Lavazza at The Atrium. The Lavazza coffee is priced lower, with regular Lattes going at $4.27 (US$2.95). Iced coffees are also available at a USD$1 more at $5.71.

Holland America Line

Regular: $3.61 to $5.06 (US$2.50 to US$3.50)

Large: $4.70 to $6.14 (US$3.25 to US$4.25)

Specialty coffee is served at Explorations Café across all of their ships. On Pinnacle Class ships like Koningsdam and Niew Statemdam also have a Grand Dutch Café. Their milk coffees and the Rotterdam 1873 drip coffee are priced at $5.06 (US$3.50).

Grand Dutch Cafe

The coffee served at both venues uses Rotterdam 1873 beans which is a specialty blend created exclusively for Holland America Line in partnership with Dutch coffee house Beukenhorst Koffie. The small batch roasted coffee is a blend of Indonesian, Central and South American Arabica coffee beans.

Guests looking to take home a souvenir from the cruise can purchase a regular or decaffeinated 12-ounce bag of the Rotterdam 1873 beans in Explorations Café and Grand Dutch Cafe.

Royal Caribbean

Tall/Regular: $3.41 to $6.41 (US$2.36 to US$4.43)

Grande/Large: $4.7 to $7.68 (US$3.25 to US$5.31)

Venti/Jumbo: $5.12 to $8.54 (US$3.54 to US$5.90)

All prices already include an 18% gratuity.

Royal Caribbean is another line which offers Starbucks on some ships. You’ll be able to get your caffeine fix at venues like Café Promenade, Café Latte-tudes which have complimentary coffee but they also serve Starbucks for their premium coffee.

On other ships, you can find illy and Lavazza coffees at venues like La Patisserie and Café@Two70 on Quantum-class ships and Cafe@WindJammer. For $3.41 (US$2.36) you can get an espresso and the lattes are at $5.97 (US$4.13).

Azamara Club Cruises

Price: $5.79 to $8.68 (US$4 to US$6)

Gratuities are included in the price

Find the Nespresso menu at the Mosaic Café on Azamara Club Cruises. Sample their wide range of Nespresso capsule coffee which includes your classics like caffè latte and caffè mocha, as well as ‘intense and spicy’ Ristretto Origin India which is a marriage of Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from southern India. For something ‘elegant and roasted’, try the Lungo Forte, a blend of South and Central American Arabicas.

Celebrity Cruises

Price: $6.51 to $8.68 (US$4.5 to US$6)

Gratuities are included in the price

Cafe al Bacio on Celebrity Edge

The Cafe al Bacio is the go to for specialty coffee on Celebrity Cruises. They offer Lavazza capsule coffee, with Espresso starting at $6.51 (USD$4.50) and other regular coffee options like Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino at $8.68 (USD$6).

Cunard Line

Price: $4.34 to $6.51 (USD$3 to USD$4.50)

Cunard offers premium barista made coffee on board Queen Elizabeth at Café Carinthia. The Parisian style café uses illy coffee beans to create the Cunard rich and full coffee experience for guests. The venue also has its own patisserie serving sandwiches and pastries.