The launch of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages has kept us on the edge of our seats for more than five years now.

But details are emerging about what you can expect your holiday experience to look like if you’re feeling brave enough to book a trip.

We spoke to Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom McAlpin at last week’s CLIA Cruise360 conference in Sydney and dug a little deeper into the details of what we can expect when Scarlet Lady finally hits the seas.

While McAlpin remained tight lipped, we did get an insight into the types of passengers they will cater to.

Virgin Voyages Athletic Club

“Our target audience is over 18’s only, since the Scarlet Lady will be Adult-by-Design. It is a sanctuary at sea for adult travellers who are not necessarily young adults, but who are young at heart,” McAlpin says.

The Virgin Voyages passenger (referred to as Sailors) will want a ‘Rebellious Luxe’ experience. “That is what will create the tribe onboard. Our Sailors are interested in wellbeing and decadence at the same time.”

According to McAlpin, a day in the life of a passenger onboard the Scarlet Lady will ideally look a little like this…

  • You may be waking up to join in the sunrise yoga or you may be lounging on the back dock for some morning meditation.
  • From there you will enjoy breakfast at one of our 20+ different themed eateries or perhaps enjoying a champagne breakfast, poured straight from the magnum at Wake restaurant
  • By midday we’ll be cruising into our private Beach Club on Bimini island in the Bahamas where you can relax in a hammock or take a dip in the pool.The private Beach Club at Bimini
  • Return to ship for a drag show themed lunch at Razzle Dazzle and chow down on the signature Impossible Burger.Razzle Dazzle dining
  • After lunch, back on board you can pop into the tattoo parlour Squid Ink for a fresh inking to remember your holiday
  • Get covered in mud at the merman and mermaid inspired Redemption spa room for some serious pampering and rejuvenation (if you stay until after dark it transforms into a DJ inspired thermal Spa party extravaganza)
  • Need a pick-me up? Hit the Well-being pool for the artistically designed adult playground and Gym and Tonic bar.
  • Grab a spot at The Perch for a 360 degree view from the secluded sundeck to watch the sunset with your mates
  • Dinner may be enjoyed at Extra Virgin, the ship’s Trattoria, inspired by a mobster’s lair.
  • If you’re single you might want to catch a gig from the Festival-style line-up being offered round the clock.
  • For those loved up couples, you might head to the Never Sleep Alone participatory show, featuring an apparently hysterically funny relationship therapist and then perhaps a visit to the absurdist style dance party called “Untitled DanceShowPartyThing.
  • Invite your new friends back to your room for a splash in your private hot tub, or climb the bespoke staircase that leads to the table top of your dining table for dancing.Mood lighting with Virgin Voyages
  • And finally, lay your head down on the luxury linens of your European King sized bed in your Rockstar Suite, complete with automatic mood lighting.

So, does this sound like you? Or perhaps the ‘you’ that you aspire to be when you’re told to leave your kids behind for a Virgin Voyages cruise experience?

McAlpin admits that the target audience of being ‘adult by design’ is an intentional move, which perhaps indicates that Sir Branson knows something other traditional cruise lines don’t in predicting the future of cruise trends and demographics.

Scarlet Lady will set sail for her maiden voyage from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020. Stay tuned to for release dates and future bookings.