Did you know that last year, on February 14, an average of 11,000 children were conceived, 196 million roses produced and 53 per cent of women considered ending their relationships because they didn’t receive roses?

Well it’s that time of the year again and it’s not just couples pulling out all the stops to celebrate, cruise ships are getting in on the action too.

If you’re on a ship this year, expect to see excessive PDA [public displays of affection], candles at the dinner table and flowers. If you’re opposed to anything Valentine’s Day we highly recommend spending the night in your cabin with a good movie.

We’ve spoken to a few of the lines and they’re all planning something special this year.

Here are a few examples of what cruise lines/ships are getting up to this Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Voyager of the Seas


Ladies [and men] on board Voyager of the Seas will be able to start the day by making their loved one a very special card at a Valentine’s Day card-making class.

They can then express their love in song at the special Love Song Karaoke or prove how much they know about each other at the Love, Passion, Romance Game Show.

To complete the romantic day, guests will be asked to bring out the bow ties and cocktail dresses for a formal night before showing off their dancing skills [or lack thereof] at a Valentine’s Day Ball.

Celebrity Cupid


The cruise line’s entire fleet will focus on romantic dinners in their specialty dining restaurants, where every lady will be made to feel loved when she is given a Valentine’s Day rose.

Other activities on board including a Love Song Hour and special themed trivia.

Romantic Sojourn


Seabourn will celebrate Valentine’s Day with special love-infused cocktails created by the line’s corporate mixologist, including Tropical Sweetheart, Chocolate Martini, and Chocolate Kir (sparkling wine with a dash of crème de cassis and chocolate liqueur).

Plus, every female passenger will receive a rose when they enter the restaurant for dinner and homemade heart-shaped Valentine’s desserts will be served.

Have you spent Valentine’s Day on board a ship? Let us know what your cruise line did to make it special by leaving a comment below.

Otherwise tell us in the poll below about the most romantic thing you’ve done a ship.