Imagine riding a roller coaster on your cruise ship – something that is unfathomable for most cruisers.

Until now. Cruise ships are coming up with new technology to create an unforgettable cruise experience.

These attractions span from race tracks, to giant water slides spanning ten stories high, to treetop courses metres above the ground that will keep you entertained and get your blood pumping and give you the best experience of your life.

These are the top 10 unique and entertaining cruise ship rides and attractions in the world.

10. Ice Skating – Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is well-known in the cruising industry for their innovative activities and attractions. The ice skating rink on many of their ships is no exception. The ice skating at Royal Caribbean is for all ages to enjoy, beginner or pro. Advanced sessions are included for more skilled skaters, and guests are also able to bring their own skates. Ice skating shows are also available for guests to watch at given times. 

9. Rock Climbing – Royal Caribbean

The Rock Climbing Wall at Royal Caribbean was a first for a cruise liner and their rock climbing wall has been one of their most well-known rides for more than a decade. Royal Caribbean’s rock climbing wall offers great variety in size and challenge level and is complimentary. Guests are able to climb as often as they like.

 8. Zipline – Royal Caribbean

Exclusively on the Harmony of the Seas, the ship is equipped with a zipline. Once again. The ride is free and spans across a jaw-dropping 25 metres. This attraction gives the passenger a beautiful view of the ship and the surrounding ocean at high speed. 

7. Ropes Course – Norwegian Cruise Line

The largest cruise line attraction is found exclusively on two Norwegian Cruise Line ships (Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Escape). This giant course spans across the entire ship and is three stories elevated. This course has a total of 99 elements to test your bravery. 

6. Aqua Dunk – Disney Cruise Line

After the Disney Magic’s significant makeover in 2013, one of its new additions, the AquaDunk, has been one of the most popular attractions on the ship. The water slide starts three storeys high, and ends in a splash pool at the bottom of the ship. The guest starts at the top of the slide and falls down a trapdoor, then the guest goes 6m over the edge of the ship in a transparent tube halfway through, then they quickly land in the splash pool. 

5. SkyRide – Carnival Cruise Line

One of the most unique attractions on a cruise line in the world is the SkyRide. Guests ride on a bicycle-like vehicle built 46 metres above the ship’s decks along a 244 metre track at a speed of 29 km/h. People are able to race against their friends as much as they want on this complimentary attraction.

4. Ultimate Abyss – Royal Caribbean

This enormous water slide is located one the Symphony of the Seas (The world’s largest cruise ship) and it spans 10 storeys high, therefore making its mark as the tallest waterslide at-sea. The anglerfish entrance at the top adds to the intimidation level of the monstrous waterslide. 

3. Go Kart Track – Norwegian Cruise Line

The most recent attraction is the go kart track on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Joy. This track is the first and only race track on a cruise ship. 10 passengers at a time will be able to race against each other in electric-powered go karts on a 254m long track. 

2. RipCord – Royal Caribbean

Featured exclusively on the Anthem of the Seas and the Quantum of the Seas, there is the RipCord. It is the first and only skydiving simulator at sea. Guests will be floating in midair 7m above the ground in a vertical, glass tunnel, located on the top deck of the ship. 

1. Flow Rider – Royal Caribbean

The Flow Rider is arguably the most popular and well known attraction at sea and it has shaped the identity of Royal Caribbean over the years. This ride features a surf simulator which generates waves on top of a cushioned surface. Guests are able to get an understanding of what it is like to surf in the real ocean, and it is a ride that makes you feel anything but bored. 

Future Attractions

Crystal Espirit – Crystal Cruises (2020)

One of the most anticipated attractions releasing with the new founded cruise line, Crystal Cruises, comes the Crystal Espirit. The Crystal Espirit is a two passenger submarine, that can go a staggering 300m under the sea. This allows passengers to take in the wonders of the world below us and explore the depths of the sea.

Roller Coaster – Carnival Cruise Line (2020)

Carnival Cruise Line will introduce a roller coaster on their largest ship, the Mardi Gras which will make its debut in 2020. These roller coasters will even be able for passengers to choose their own speed of the roller coaster.