The popularity of solo cruising continues to soar and some might even argue that cruising is the perfect option for solo travellers.

But the first try is always the most daunting and many first time solo cruisers still need the extra reassurance before getting on board.

And many head on to become repeat solo cruisers! More cruise lines are also catering to this growing market. In fact, expedition line Hurtigruten saw its solo traveler business rise 40 per cent when it began waiving supplements on certain sailings, reported Conde Nast Traveler.

We debunk five solo cruising myths so you don’t need to let the fact that you are travelling alone stop you from sailing to the corners of the world.

Solo cruising can be many things

Solo cruising is not a single style of travel. Most of us have the image of independent lone rangers in our minds when speaking of solo cruisers. But really, it just refers to the logistical fact that you are travelling on your own.

Solo cruisers can have a range of cruising styles. You are free to find your cozy corner on the ship but it is also just as easy to find your crowd and make new friends.

My options are limited

There are plenty of cruise lines offering solo cabins, reduced single supplements or even waiving it completely. Apart from Hurtigruten, expedition lines like Coral Expeditions, Ponant and Silversea often have solo supplement discounts.

Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered in offering solo cabins but now lines like Holland America Line and Cunard also have dedicated cabins for solo travellers.

River cruise lines like Avalon Waterways have waived the single supplement on 2019/20 Europe itineraries and 2020 Asia itineraries. Uniworld and Riviera Travel are also running massive discounts on 2020 solo sailings.

It’s hard to find new friends onboard

It is actually harder to find yourself completely alone while on a cruise. Cruisers are a friendly bunch and when in doubt, just ask about the cruises that they have been on. Many are more than happy to regale you with tales of their adventures.

Some solo cruisers also like to join Facebook groups to seek out other solo cruisers on the same ship and arrange to meet up on board. With more lines offering discounts and cabins on board, there will also be more fellow solo cruisers to bump into while on board, and help you feel less like a unicorn in the room.

I will have nothing to do

This question is more for solo travellers trying cruises for the first time. Experienced cruisers will tell you that the chances of this happening are slim to none! There is always something happening on board and if you are travelling on a larger ship, there are plenty of secret spots just waiting to be discovered.

It is for all ages

Solo travelling might sound like a trend that millennials started but it is definitely for all ages. There are cruisers who have been on their first solo cruise as a graduation present, and others giving it a go only in their 70s and 80s. Many have come back with positive experiences and continue to do it for years.

“I am 72 years old & have done 5 Viking cruises solo, because I choose too. I am married but my husband has never wanted to travel overseas, & I don’t want to be tied with anyone else’s desires. I will be doing the Homelands next month. I have been doing solo for about 35 years. Love it. Go for it!” writes Janna Stevens on Viking’s Facebook group.