Even if it’s only a two-day cruise, what could go wrong?

You’d be surprised.

A small accident, which requires a visit to the on board doctor could cost you $150 to $200. Worst-case scenario, you could end up forking out $10,000 to $20,000 for an air ambulance.

The reality is, you never know what could happen at sea.

Cruise Passenger checked with Compare Travel Insurance, which has compiled a list of five reasons why you need travel insurance on your next cruise:


If the cruise line cancels your cruise, then the company is responsible for compensating.

However, if you can’t make the cruise you will still have to pay for the cruise unless you are covered by insurance.


Bad weather, strikes or civil unrest can often disrupt itineraries and cause cruise delays.

In such cases you may need to find alternative accommodation, and that’s when your travel insurance will cover the extra cost.

Medical Emergencies/Evacuation

Doctors on board are often not covered by Medicare and Private Health Funds.

That means, you will be billed for any visits to the ship’s doctor even if it’s for seasickness.

However, if you have travel insurance then your medical bills will be covered.

Luggage and Personal Items

It often happens. Bags go missing on the way to your cruise and you’re left running around and spending all your holiday money trying to find enough outfits to get you through the trip.

Travel insurance will take your mind off the expense of paying for replacement items.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

It’s better to have insurance and not need it than the other way around! You never know what could happen on a cruise so play safe, keep your mind at ease if you are insured.

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