Waking up at 3.00am to the sound of your drunken cabin neighbour heading to bed. Waiting in a buffet line because the person in front can’t decide between a regular or a chocolate croissant.

They’re just a few of the more annoying habits fellow passengers exhibit on cruises.

Yes, you’re on holiday and yes, you want to relax, but that doesn’t mean all common courtesies and manners should be thrown out the window.

We compiled a list of cruise etiquette to help guide you on your next cruise:

Be prepared before you get in line

There’s always that one person that holds up a line because they aren’t prepared.

Avoid being that person always being ready before entering a line – have your travel documents ready during boarding and think about what you want to eat before you head into the buffet.

Pay attention during the muster drill

The muster drill aka the safety drill, it may seem like a drag but it’s the one thing that could save your life in the event of an emergency.

Don’t play with your phone, don’t talk and don’t take pictures during the half hour session.

Even a seasoned cruiser needs to know where the emergency points are and where the life vests are kept.

Don’t hog the pool chairs

Cruise lines have done such a great job at making cruisers feel at home on their ships, but passengers need to remember there are others on board with them.

Be considerate and don’t hog the pool chairs. We all want to get a good spot by the pool, but if you’re leaving the pool area don’t leave your gear on the chair to prevent others from using it.

Don’t save seats in the theatre

The theatre is probably one of the busiest rooms on board a ship because it houses the majority of on board entertainment.

Although it’s nice to experience plays, musicals and even circus acts with your brand of ten, it isn’t fair to other cruisers to save seats for such a large group.

If you want to sit with your group show up to the theatre early and all together, otherwise be prepared to sit separately.

Dress appropriately

The dress code on board a ship is usually casual. However, on certain itineraries and cruise lines there are formal nights where cruisers are required to dress for the occasion. You’ll know by checking the daily program.

Stick to the dress code.

Also, don’t turn up to the dining hall still dressed in your swimming gear. If you want a casual dinner head to the buffet room.

From Facebook

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us what fellow passengers do to frustrate them on cruises. Here’s what they found the most frustrating:

–       People jumping into the elevator with letting people out first.
–       Children pressing all the buttons on the lift and meanwhile you’re waiting.
–       Not following hand cleaning in food areas.
–       People saying there isn’t enough room when there is six to seven people in the elevator.
–       People who hog the adult pool ever day from 9.30ish till 6ish and it’s the same people!