Alcohol packages might help you save a bundle when you’re sailing on your next cruise.

Cruise Passenger has found some of the best prices so you can get your bang for your buck whether you’ve having a bottle of vino at dinner or sipping on some cocktails by the pool.

Carnival Cruises

This line has the Cheers! Program, which you can access on all ships except those sailing through Australia. This package costs $65.43 per person, per day if you order in advance, or $71.98 per person, per day if you decide on it while on board. For this you get mixed drinks, beer, wine and spirits, soda, non-alcoholic cocktails, energy drinks, speciality coffees, tees, a selection of bottled waters, PowerAde, Vitamin Water and Honest tea, and you can select 15 of your favourites every day. Assuming that you quite like a drink if you select this package, you also get a 25 per cent discount on any wine, champagne and cocktails upwards of $65 at the store. The package also includes related classes.

If you do decide to get this package everyone else of drinking age in your cabin must also purchase it. There are a few extra costs and small print details like only being able to order one drink at a time, but it still measures up pretty well if you intend on relaxing with a few bottles of bubbly throughout your trip, and want to take some home with you as well.

Celebrity Cruises

The standard package on these ships costs a bit less than on Carnival, but you’ll be more likely to find that the drink you want is to expensive (there’s a $7.86 limited on covered drinks). For $58.93 you also get a 10% discount on wine from the stores on board, and while the percentage isn’t quite as high as Carnival’s, it works out quite well considering the somewhat discounted price. There are also other packages available for those wanting a bit more choice, all the way up to a Premium Package from $85.08 per person per day which even comes with your choice of premium bottled water brands like Evian and San Pellegrino. This package will also get you 20 per cent off your wine at the bottle shop on board. Again, it is important to know the fine print here as once you have purchased a package and are on board, there is quite literally no turning back.


These ships have what they call All-Inclusive Beverages packages which are true to their name with beer, wine, other selected alcoholic beverages, glasses of soft drink and coffee all included, and at $35.25 per person, per day, it’s pretty good value. If your kids want to get involved, those from four to 17 can get a $22.55 per day package with glasses of soft drink, but this one can’t be purchased on its own, so basically they miss out if you do. What this package offers is quite basic compared to the others, as quite a few of the higher end drinks aren’t included, but if you’re not bothered about those, it might just be perfect for you. 

Holland America Line

This line rewards you if you purchase a package in advance, but if you decide on board it will cost you $65.40. Like on Carnival ships you can enjoy up to 15 drinks a day including wine, beer, spirits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, sodas and coffee. You can drink beverages up to the value of $10.48, which gives you a pretty good range as well, so this package stacks up pretty well- If you don’t want mini-bar drinks and don’t mind paying for packages for everyone over 21 in your cabin, which is a requirement of this deal.

Princess Australia

You can enjoy packages here on trips lasting eight hours and longer and select from a range of drinks all the way up to the $14 mark- that’s cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, speciality coffees, soft drinks, shakes, juices and water bottles. There are other packages available too if you would prefer non-alcoholic beverages alone, or even one that covers you for 12 bottles of water delivered to your door.

In the case of alcohol packages on Cruise ships it is important to think about this: Will you drink to the value of the package over your trip? If not you might find yourself paying too much. Chooses the package that’s right for you.