Karaoke night, it’s one of the quirkiest nights on a cruise ship, where the best and worst of singers share a stage, microphone and sometimes even a song.

And although some cruisers are keen to get up and give a memorable [whether good or bad] performance, there are others that are nervous about sharing their vocal gift [or curse] with the ship.

Queue Samantha Clarke.

The former ‘The Voice’ contestant and P&O’s new ‘PNG Princess’ is in the spotlight in the Spring 2014 issue of Cruise Passenger magazine, on newsstands now.

Samantha says a successful performance on karaoke night doesn’t require Christina Aguilera’s power or Mariah Carey’s vocal runs, all you need is a bit of confidence and a great attitude, which can be obtained with the following four tips.

  1. Warm up

It’s not just for the pros and it’s easy to do. Warm up your vocal chords before going on stage to avoid damaging your instrument. You can warm up your vocals by humming or repeating a tongue twister like: “Should saucy sharks seek shelter soon?” or “She sits and shines shoes and when she sits she shines all day.”

  1. Pick the right song

Samantha recommends picking a song you really love – this way you’ll have an idea of the song’s beat and lyrics.

Also, select a song that’s within your vocal range. If you can’t hit Celine Dion’s high note in ‘I Will Always Love You’ then you might want to go with something less challenging.

But if you have a big voice, then you might like to try a ballad to showcase your range.

  1. What audience?

This is vital for a confident performance. Samantha says not to think about the audience, but rather pretend you’re singing in front of a mirror. This will ease the pressure and prevent your vocal chords from tightening while you’re on stage.

  1. Don’t forget the ‘F’ word!

That’s right, have fun! It’s not The Voice, so relax and enjoy your time behind the microphone.

You can read more from Samantha Clarke in the Spring 2014 issue of Cruise Passenger magazine.