Whether you are flying at the pointy end of the aircraft or gently riding the waves on a Mediterranean cruise, there’s no greater feeling than being all set to embark on a new travel adventure.

If you have plans to explore the world by sea on a luxury cruise, your focus should be on enjoying a cocktail or two, island hopping in the South Pacific or spotting wildlife on an Alaskan adventure.

However, even the most seasoned traveller knows that the tides can change on smooth sailing in an instant – that’s where nib Travel Insurance may be able to help.

Enjoying a summer cruise in the Mediterranean

When the water gets choppy

There are a few things that can happen on any trip that no one has any control over. As much as we’d like to be able to stop the sun disappearing behind thunderous clouds, or even prevent a jelly fish sting when snorkelling, we simply can’t. What we can do is be prepared before departing on our holidays which is why it’s encouraged that all travellers consider a travel insurance policy which may just take that sting out of unexpected bills that arise.

Nothing like reading your favourite novel on a cruise

Some of the ways nib Travel Insurance can help

  • Sudden illness: From a bout of seasickness to some ill-advised street food tasting when island hopping, you may find yourself knocking on the doctor’s door. As Medicare may not apply, a visit to an overseas (or on the seas) medical facility doesn’t come free, nor does it generally come cheap. As always, cover for overseas medical expenses is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions around existing medical conditions.
  • Near or far: Even when cruising just off the coast of Australia, when you don’t leave the ship, one of nib’s international plans will need to be chosen to have cover on board for medical treatment.
  • Delays: Your flight to get to your cruise could be unexpectedly delayed causing you to miss boarding all together.
  • Luggage woes: When your bags containing your finest formal wear to dine with the captain are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Weather: An unexpected change in weather, like a big storm, could mean that you potentially miss out on taking part in your pre-paid shore excursion because your cruise is delayed or had to miss that stop altogether.
  • Medical evacuation: nib travel insurance plans can include cover for medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility and repatriation back home, if we agree it’s medically necessary, up to the relevant benefit limit.
  • Cover for Covid-related events: Whilst restrictions for COVID-19 may have eased in many places, it is still something that should be a consideration when planning a trip. Cover for some Covid-related events is available on all nib Travel Insurance plans (excl. the Cancellation and Additional Expenses Plan), but the types of benefits and benefit limits vary.
Fira, Santorini, Greece

As much as we’d love the plans to cover every coronavirus-related scenario, that’s not what travel insurance is designed to do, so read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully to know what is, and isn’t, covered.

The Coronavirus Travel Costs benefit is available on the International Comprehensive, Australian Travel and Annual Multi Trip plans. Plans including Coronavirus Travel Costs can provide cover for several coronavirus related events, including cover for quarantine expenses and trip cancellation if you are diagnosed with coronavirus, up to the relevant
benefit limit.

The above is a snapshot of what an nib Travel Insurance policy can offer. All cover is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so it’s important you take the time to read the PDS to choose the policy that is right for you. This can be found at nibtravelinsurance.com.au.

Now all that’s left to do is find your favourite spot on the ship, sit back and watch the world disappear behind the horizon. Bliss.

Relaxing on board your cruise

For more information on travel insurance, visit nib here.

This is a brief summary of cover and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before buying.
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