The jewels of the Mediterranean await you on an APT small ship journey, where expedition meets luxury. You might think expedition is just for the adventurous in Antarctica, however APT has brought luxury expedition to the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean for a truly unforgettable experience.

After landing ashore in your luxury expedition vessel, Le Jacques Cartier, the sights before you are endless. Stroll through the tangle of tiny lanes amongst the iconic white buildings of the Greek islands or wander beside the charming canals of Venice. Feel the smoothed limestone beneath your soles as you explore the stunning coastal cities of Croatia or take in the ancient ruins of Turkey.

With APT’s focus on bringing you a memorable and intimate journey, small ship expedition cruising offers a unique voyage with just 175 fellow guests, allowing you to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy luxury service with a personal touch.

If you’re looking to explore some of Europe’s most magical spots and spectacular vistas while enjoying the finer luxuries that life has to offer, here’s a taste of what to expect with APT small ship cruising in the Mediterranean.

A View into Life Onboard

Experience all the Med has to offer aboard the ultra-luxe small ship Le Jacques Cartier, rich with French panache. Picture yourself on the sun deck, drink in hand, as your luxury vessel charts a course along the Mediterranean coast. With opulent staterooms and suites, first-class dining, and a small number of guests, there’s no better way to travel through this stunning region.

First-class dining

An essential part of French culture, gastronomy on Le Jacques Cartier is highly regarded, with the option of two onboard restaurants.

For your choice of a la carte meals, head to The Le Nautilus for a wealth of choice and al fresco dining. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner where the meals are inspired by the grand traditions of French fine cuisine.

For more casual buffet dining, the Grill Restaurant is located near the pool deck, offering a relaxed ambience and atmosphere. Enjoy perfectly grilled meals while looking out over the view of the onboard pool and beyond to the horizon.

Guests will find beautifully prepared meals on Ponant’s newest ship

The water of the Med is like no other

From the vessel’s extraordinary Blue Eye multi-sensorial underwater lounge, experience the treasures of the deep in supreme comfort where you will have an immersive experience unlike any other in the world.

Le Jacques Cartier’s convenient hydraulic platform is also the perfect launching pad for your expeditions, swimming, and nautical sports on the crystal blue waters of the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea. The platform is completely height adjustable to allow for ease in zodiac embarkation or lowered to the perfect height for leisurely swimming in a controlled environment.


After a day of exploring, return to your room to put your feet up on your own private balcony and enjoy unrivalled views of the passing scenery along the glistening coastlines. All staterooms feature the luxury touches of refined living, tastefully decorated to provide soft light and luminosity at every instant of the day. You’ll find spacious king beds, a satellite flat-screen TV, and bathroom amenities by Hermes.

A suite on Le Jacques-Cartier

Shore Excursions to Excite

Specially designed onboard Zodiacs will whisk you away to the spectacular sights of the Mediterranean, taking you places that will linger in your memory forever. Easily make your way to the magnificent shores, capturing your journey on the way out in the open air to gain a completely new perspective.

Local Treasures

Expedition cruising allows you access to hard-to-reach places further off the mass tourist radar. Uncover hidden treasures in the rustic villages and towns tucked into the coast, with some destinations boasting a gateway to the region’s still-unspoiled charms.

From an authentic home-cooked meal and folk dancing performance to a friendly welcome with local brandy and doughnuts before enjoying traditional entertainment, this is your chance to truly experience local life.

The stunning view from Santorini


Mediterranean Gems

This 13-day cruise starts from $11,995 per person and takes you Athens to Venice, offering wonderful vistas of the stunning coasts of Greece, Italy, Montenegro, and Croatia. Experience sacred sites and magnificent cities of fascinating pasts and awe-inspiring beauty, with inclusions of local, authentic fanfare in rustic villages and a cruise through the stunning fjord of Kotor Bay.

Wonders of the Aegean

This 9-day cruise starts from $9,145 per person, with stops in 12 iconic sites through Turkey and Greece to immerse yourself in captivating history, ancient cities, and idyllic Greek islands. From visiting Paros—one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades—to experiencing the colourful and surreal rock formations in the iconic Venus de Milo, your Aegean adventure will not disappoint.

Shores of the Mediterranean

Too hard to choose just one Mediterranean voyage? This itinerary offers the most comprehensive cruise of the Mediterranean, combining the two journeys above for one unforgettable experience, leaving no destination left off the check list.

An aerial view of the historical Venice

For more information on these enticing cruises, visit the APT here.